‘Criminal Minds’ Is Leaving Netflix This Month

by Samantha Whidden

Police procedural crime drama TV series “Criminal Minds” is reportedly set to leave streaming service Netflix this month. 

As previously reported, Netflix will be removing “Criminal Minds” from its streaming platform on June 29th.  According to TV Guide, Netflix is currently the only platform that has the first 12 seasons of the series. The final three seasons are available through Hulu. The entire series is now available on Paramount+. 

TV Guide further observed that the removal of “Criminal Minds” is a huge blow to Netflix due to the show’s popularity on its streaming platform. It was the most-streamed show in the U.S. last year. Criminal Minds followed the cases of the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit (also known as BAU). The group of profilers analyzed the U.S.’s most dangerous serial killers as well as those of heinous crimes. This is in an effort to anticipate the criminals’ next moves. 

Shemar Moore, Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, Thomas Gibson, and Matthew Gray Gubler starred in the series, which ran until 2020.

‘Criminal Minds’ Showrunner Erica Messer Spoke About Making the ‘Bittersweet’ 15th and Final Season 

While speaking to Parade in January 2020, longtime “Criminal Minds” showrunner, Erica Messer, opened up about making the “bittersweet” 15th and final season. 

“We thought, ‘Let’s deal with it early on so that we can move on in a lot of ways,’” the “Criminal Minds” showrunner explained. “Then our final ten episodes don’t become about that. We never felt it was going to be a will-they-or-won’t-they relationship, but we wanted to deal with that right off the bat.”

When asked what the goal was for the final 10 episodes, Messer shared, “If you asked different people, you’d find different answers. I think some of the writing staff wanted to challenge themselves and do stories they’ve never done before. For example, the “Saturday” episode was something that Breen Frazier had always talked about and we were able to do it, which I think was a lot of fun. We still had to obviously stay in the Criminal Minds world in order to do that.”

In regards to what it was like to final the final episodes, Messer added, “Well it was interesting, because in the last two episodes we filmed [not that air], there was no unsub, because it was Everett Lynch since we didn’t catch him. So, the episode before, which was 23 in that 25 order, was the last time there was a traditional profile using the word unsub. Nobody really knew it at the time because they didn’t know what was coming in episodes 24 and 25, but I did.

Messer then said she absolutely left the serious open for a TV movie adaptation for “Criminal Minds.”