Disney+ Officially Passes Netflix in Streaming Subscribers

by Tia Bailey

The streaming service Disney+ may not have been around as long as Netflix has, but the platform recently passed Netflix in subscribers.

According to Reuters, Disney+ now has 221 million subscribers. Netflix still rests at 220.6 million subscribers at this moment.

One viewer responded calling out the platforms, saying: “I want Netflix to beat Disney I’m over Disney getting a monopoly on everything especially considering how sloppy their content has been but only Netflix gets called out?”

Another fan pointed out that Disney+ doesn’t just include Disney content, saying: “I mean it’s 3 streaming services in one.”

Twitter user Peter Kafka also tweeted out the news, saying: “Disney says it has 221 million streaming subscribers. Netflix has 220.7 million.” He then responded to his own tweet, writing: “These are not apples to apples numbers (lots of Disney bundled subs etc) and now Wall Street is less singularly focused on sub numbers. But the idea that Disney has “caught up” to Netflix in three years is a very compelling narrative.”

The news comes at the same time as Disney+’s new advertisement inclusion. The platform will now add ads for the $7.99 per month bundle, and will offer subscriptions at higher prices for an ad-free experience.

A fan pointed this out under the tweet, saying: “Not for long.” and adding a photo of the announcement.

Disney+ Surpasses Netflix in Subscribers Amongst Price Changes and Bans

Although they have been doing well in subscribers, there has been some drama with the platform. A few of their titles have been banned in several countries due to LGBTQIA+ content.

The movie “Lightyear” in particular had some audiences upset. The film, starring Chris Evans, is about the “Toy Story” character Buzz Lightyear and serves as a spinoff of the other 4 movies. There is a brief kiss between a character and her girlfriend, which resulted in the movie being banned from some theaters and in a few countries.

This is the case for several titles, and all for the same reason.

One fan took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the bans, saying: “Watched Buzz Lightyear on Disney+. I still dont understand the basis of the ban in Malaysia. There are LOTS MORE kids content that highlights sensitive issues considered and kids watch them daily, millions of times. Ok je? it all goes back to how we parent our kids in my POV.”

Amidst the drama, the platform has still surpassed Netflix’s subscriber count. Viewers and subscribers are anxious to see how this news holds up after the price changes.