‘Friday Night Lights’ Set to Leave Netflix

by Blake Ells

Friday Night Lights is leaving Netflix soon. All five seasons of the television series are currently streaming. The series originally debuted on NBC in 2006. It managed renewal for a second season that was shortened due to a writers’ strike. The series was nearly canceled, but NBC struck a deal with DirecTV for three more seasons.

Fans of the show have until July 31 to stream the five seasons on Netflix. It’s the second time that Netflix has removed the series from its’ streaming catalog. The show vanished from the platform in 2017, but it later returned.

Friday Night Lights followed the highs and lows of the Dillon Panthers. It was a fictionalized story based on a 1990 novel by H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger. The television version starred Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric Taylor. Connie Britton portrayed his wife, Tami. The series was responsible for launching the career of Jesse Plemons, who portrayed Landry. Plemons went on to appear in Breaking Bad and star in critically-acclaimed films like The Power of the Dog, The Irishman and Vice.

It was also one of the earliest roles for Michael B. Jordan. Jordan’s massive resume includes Creed, Just Mercy and Black Panther.

Before the book was adapted for television, it was adapted for the big screen. Billy Bob Thornton starred as Coach Gary Gaines in the film version. It was released in 2004. The film adaptation was one of the earliest acting roles from country music star Tim McGraw. The “7500 obo” singer went on to star in 1883, but 18 years before, he was Charles Billingsley on Friday Night Lights.

What’s Next for ‘Friday Night Lights?’

As the cult classic departs Netflix, fans wonder if it will land elsewhere. The natural conclusion is Peacock, which is NBC’s streaming platform. Several NBCUniversal television shows have left other platforms in recent years. As Peacock continues to grow its subscriber base, maintaining exclusivity for the shows they own is vital. There are ways to consume Peacock content at a premium level and for free.

In the meantime, fans have until July 31 to get one more binge on Netflix. For now, the series is also available to stream on Hulu and The Roku Channel. But those days may be nearing an end, as well.

Other Things Leaving Netflix in July

There are a couple of other football movies leaving Netflix on July 31. One of them is another McGraw film, The Blind Side. The 2000 Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman film The Replacements will also leave the platform. Football season is just around the corner, but if you need a fix in the meantime, act fast.

Another NBCUniversal series, 30 Rock, will also be unavailable on Netflix beyond July 31.