‘Full House’ Cast Members, Friends Featured in Upcoming Bob Saget Tribute Special: Everything to Know

by Joe Rutland

There are going to be Full House cast members and close friends of late comic Bob Saget who are popping up on Netflix in a tribute special. On June 10, Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Special hits the airwaves. People on the special include Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo-Saget, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, and John Stamos.

Others showing up on there include Jeff Ross, Darren Criss, Mike Binder, and Jackson Browne. Also on the special will be Seth Green, Mike Young, Michael Keaton, Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, Dave Chappelle, Tim Allen, Paul Rodriguez, Jon Lovitz, and Saget’s daughters, Lara and Aubrey Saget.

Jeff Ross, Kelly Rizzo Among Those Appearing On Special For ‘Full House’ Star Bob Saget

“I hope everybody here either had Bob as a friend like that, or someday has a friend like Bob,” Ross can be heard saying as the trailer opens up. “Welcome to the Bob super spreader, everyone.” TV Insider has this from Rizzo: “The most important thing to him was belonging to this club, to this group, to being a comedian.” On the special, Carrey shares a joke: “You made people laugh, you made people feel loved, you made people money.”

Upon seeing Carrey back in the comedy world, Rock says, “I think it’s sad that little f**ker had to die to get Jim Carrey back on stage.” Saget was 65 years old when he died in January of what was called blunt force trauma. The autopsy done on Saget said that his death was an accident. He played Danny Tanner on the classic TV sitcom and also would host America’s Funniest Home Videos, too.

Mike Binder Recalls Taking Show To Let Netflix Official See It

It was Binder who revealed on a podcast that the tribute special was going to air. A tribute show for Saget did happen at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. “It was a magical night,” Binder said to John Poveromo. “And we filmed it. And I showed it to Netflix. I said, ‘Look at this! Just look at 16 minutes of this.’ And Robbie Craw, the head of comedy at Netflix, he just said, ‘This is remarkable.’ And they bought it as a special.”

So many people just came together for this great special. Obviously, there’s a lot of love and laughter that’ll be apparent to viewers. Rizzo has been working on moving forward after her husband’s death. She did recently speak about her relationship with Bob Saget. “It’s like, he’s still my husband,” Rizzo said in an interview. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, he’s my former husband.’ It’s like … the relationship is different now. It’s just — it is what it is.”