Here’s Why Netflix Crashed Today

by Joe Rutland

If you had an appointment to watch Netflix on Friday and could not get the streaming platform to work, then you were not alone. Apparently, millions of people were anxious to watch a very popular show there. When they went to watch it, though, the streaming platform had crashed.

We think you would understand if we mentioned the last two episodes of Season 4 of Stranger Things were available on Friday. Well, this led to much crying in the online world. Fans going to their Netflix around 3 a.m. Eastern, midnight Pacific, received a message: “This page isn’t working.” Some people received a message simply saying “Please try again later.” This is according to the Daily Mail.

Fans Let Netflix Hear It Through Tweets About The Big Crash

Fans were simply overwhelming Netflix with a desire to watch Stranger Things. It is understandable as fans all over the world were desiring to see the show. Now, where do people go to air their grievances? A lot of them turn to Twitter and share their sadness. Well, they share being upset about the whole thing, too. Reportedly, one fan wrote, “I did not just count down the seconds like it’s New Years for Netflix to crash #StrangerThings.” Another one said, “Netflix crash? Please let me watch Stranger Things or I’ll cry.” What another reply? We go to Twitter: “The power of the stranger things fandom to literally crash netflix… unparalleled.” 

Vecna is still getting attention and the character is played by Jamie Campbell Bower. But there was some interesting news about the second part of this season. It comes from makeup and visual effects artist Barrie Gower. In an interview with Metro from the UK, Gower said, “I can’t really say too much without giving stuff away obviously, but there’s a nod to what we’ve done in the final two episodes [in Season 4] right at the end of episode seven, where we see that story arc of Jamie Campbell Bower as the orderly and there’s the big reveal at the end of episode seven that we find out he’s obviously Vecna.”

Hopefully, Netflix got its act together because people want to watch their Stranger Things. One recent phenomenon relatable to this series is music. Especially, the resurgence of the Kate Bush hit song Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God). It would originally appear on the music scene back in 1985. The song is part of her album Hounds of Love. But its use in the series would lead new fans to go download the song. It became a hit all over again. Stranger Things has definitely drawn millions of fans to the streaming platform and they love this show.