Here’s Why ‘That ’90s Show’ Won’t Be Hitting Netflix Anytime Soon

by Emily Morgan

Fans of the beloved sitcom “That ’70s Show” are anxiously awaiting the premiere of the show’s new sequel, “That ’90s Show.” However, if you’re hoping the show will premiere on Netflix this month, think again. According to reports, the spinoff series isn’t premiering on the streaming platform anytime soon.

Previously, some outlets reported that the spinoff to the original show made famous 20 years ago would be hitting Netflix this month. However, this turned out to be not the case.

Loyal fans of “That ’70s Show” have waited several years to see the sitcom get its rightful reboot. While it’s undoubtedly been a long time coming, fans will finally get the spinoff they’ve been begging for, just not right now.

As it turns out, Netflix picked up a spinoff with a series order of 10 episodes back in the fall of 2021. The announcement at the time also revealed that the original show’s creators, Bonnie and Terry Turner, would act as executive producers along with their daughter Lindsey Turner for the reboot.

Original actors Kurtwood Smith (Red Forman) and Debra Jo Rupp (Kitty Forman) would be reprising their roles onscreen.

In addition, the onscreen couple would also serve as executive producers alongside the Turners, Marcy Carsey, and Tom Werner. Lastly, Gregg Mettler would act as showrunner.

In February 2022, Netflix also announced who would make up the main cast. Of course, fans were ecstatic with all the new information, but they were still holding out that the original cast from “That ’70s Show” would somehow be a part of the new series.

When we can expect a premiere date for ‘That ’90s Show’

Months later, fans had their “That ’70s Show” dreams come true when the streaming platforming revealed that the original cast members would return. Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Wilmer Valderrama are all set to make guest appearances.

Even Tommy Chong, who played stoner Leo in the original series, will make a cameo.

However, we still don’t know when “That ’90s Show” will hit Netflix. Currently, there is no official release date yet, despite all the production news.

According to previous reports, production reportedly started on Feb. 7 and was expected to wrap on June 24.

After the show concludes filming, it will enter post-production. Fans speculate that it will spend around three to four months in post-production. As a result, some believe we will see the show hit the platform sometime in September or October.

However, post-production can take up to six months, so there’s a possibility we won’t see the show debut until December. Despite this, some believe Netflix wouldn’t keep the show in post-production for that long as they know fans are anxious to see the gang have a reunion.