Is Netflix Planning to Offer More Classic TV Options in the Future?

by Megan Molseed

Streaming opportunities have changed the landscape of television over the years. However, viewers have continued to make it clear: we love our classic TV shows. Now, amid many shakeups and proposed changes, one of the world’s most popular streaming platforms, Netflix, might be working on answering this call in a way that viewers haven’t seen before.

According to reports, Netflix has picked up on the fact that television fans enjoy their network shows. Now, the streaming service has alluded to seeking programming similar to what we see on the popular broadcast networks.

“Netflix has told Hollywood agencies it’s now looking for large-scale shows with resonance,” a recent report states.

“In reality programming, that means competitions like classic broadcast hits American Idol and The Voice,” the Business Insider report continues. “Or social experiment shows like Survivor.”

The report further notes that these changes likely mean the streaming service will also be looking into scripted shows. This would include programing like television sitcoms; action thrillers; and sci-fi shows.

Netflix Explores a Return to Classic TV Programming as Everything Old Is Looking New Again For Television Viewers

When the turn towards streaming services took over our television watching years ago, it seemed that broadcast shows were facing their end. Television watchers were loving streaming some of the popular limited series additions to the popular series like Hulu or Netflix.

Now, however, viewers are missing the old-school favorites. Turning more and more towards the network TV shows that take us back to the days before streaming services took over.

Of course, a move such as this one isn’t overly surprising. Recent numbers are showing that viewers are tuning in more and more to catch some of their favorite procedural dramas, or reality TV shows on the popular networks. Additionally, if viewers miss the original airing of these shows, many are catching them on the related streaming services. Perhaps this is just what Netflix is missing as it continues to face declining numbers.

Netflix Looks at Adding Some Old-School Favorites to Pull in More Viewers

Of course, this idea isn’t an entirely new one for Netflix. After all, it is the streaming service that introduced some of our favorite series revivals over the years. Shows such as Fuller House and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life have done very well among the Netflix audiences.

Most recently, Netflix has announced the development of That ’90s Show, a 10-episode spinoff of a fan-favorite comedy series That ’70s Show. This series is set to premiere early next year.