Mark Wahlberg’s New Movie Is Absolutely Dominating the Netflix Charts

by Megan Molseed

The popular streaming platform Netflix has the perfect option for anyone looking for a little “me time” with the new Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart hit film by the same name. Just hours after Wahlberg and Hart’s Me Time was released on the streaming service, it rose right to the top of the charts. Managing to stay at No. 1 through the weekend.

The film dropped on Friday, August 26 and it features Wahlberg and Hart as longtime best friends. However, the duo has grown apart over the years, choosing very different paths in life. Kevin Hart portrays a stay-at-home dad named Sonny Fisher who takes some much-needed time to himself on his birthday when his wife and children take off to his in-laws.

Netflix’s Me Time Brings Some Big Fun To The Streaming Giant

In the trailer for the hit film, one of Sonny’s friends, Alan who is portrayed by Andrew Santino notes that “every parent’s dream is to spend a week without their family.”

However, this “me time” Hart’s character is looking forward to quickly goes haywire. This happens when his buddy, Mark Wahlberg’s Huck comes exploding back into his life. Soon, Sonny finds himself plummeting into a wild weekend of hilarious adventure rather than the relaxing weekend he was expecting.

Starring alongside Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart in this hit Netflix film are Girls Trip alum Regina Hall who portrays Hart’s wife, Maya Fisher. Also starring in the film is Jimmy O. Yang who fans may recognize from another Netflix hit, Space Force, Luis Gerardo Méndez, and John Amos.

Mark Wahlberg Gives Fans A Sneak Peak As He And Kevin Hart Take A Little Me Time Before The Film Hit TV Screens Last Week

Just a few days before the No. 1 film hit the Netflix catalog, Mark Wahlberg took to Twitter to share a sneak peek of the comedy film. The 30-second-long clip highlights perfectly the chaotic night of shenanigans Wahlberg and Hart get into during the film.

In the August 21 Twitter post, Mark Wahlberg shares a clip from the film. Adding that it is up to the best friend to help his buddy do the “crazy stuff.” And, where would we be without these buddies to keep us young, really?

“Where would we be without our best friends getting us to do crazy stuff?!” the Boogey Nights star quips in his Twitter post.

“Get ready for some epic ME TIME,” Wahlberg continues in his tweet.