Netflix Cancels Major Show After Only 2 Seasons

by Shelby Scott

Netflix has seen a lot of successful series take off, including “You,” “Bridgerton,” and “Ozark.” The streaming platform also saw quite an audience when it debuted its comedy series starring Steve Carell, “Space Force.” However, now, after just two seasons, Netflix has canceled the major show.

According to Deadline, when it comes to Netflix’s original series, especially expensive ones like “Space Force,” the “ratings renewal bar” remains exceedingly high. That said, viewership versus cost serves as a major contributor to a series’ renewal.

“Space Force’s” cancelation came two and a half months after the comedic series’ second season made its Netflix debut. While the outlet reports the show did not break into the overall Nielsen streaming weekly Top 10 ranking, it did achieve notable positions outside the Top 10.

“Space Force” debuted at No. 8 then No. 7 on the streaming originals Nielsen chart, and also boasted a short presence on Netflix’s Daily Top 10s. The series topped out at No. 5 after briefly achieving the No. 1 spot.

Despite the show’s rapid cancellation, “Space Force” actually premiered on Netflix with significantly high potential. The comedic show further united “The Office” icons Steve Carell and producer Greg Daniels. Before becoming canceled, the “Space Force” cast also featured John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Tawny Newsome, Dianna Silvers, Don Lake, and Jimmy O. Yang.

Together, they embodied the characters that made up the fictional space force.

New Movies Debuting on Netflix This Summer

“Space Force” might have seen its way out, but Netflix promises to feature a host of new movies throughout summer 2022. Genres include everything from romance and thrillers, not to mention comedies. And listed ahead, we have some of the top original releases soon to come to the streaming platform.


First up is the sports comedy called “Hustle” and it stars Hollywood icon and funnyman Adam Sandler. Sandler, who plays a basketball scout, finds a talented player while in Madrid. In addition to the iconic actor and comedian, “Hustle” will also star Ben Foster, Robert Duvall, Queen Latifah, and Raúl Castello. “Hustle” debuts on Netflix on June 10th.


Based on the Jane Austen novel of the same name, “Persuasion” follows Anne Elliott, a dynamic character with a modern mind born in the Regency era. The historic romance also features actors Suki Waterhouse, Cosmo Jarvis, Henry Golding, and Richard E. Grant. The ultimate plot sees Elliott forced to choose between conflicting feelings from her past and presence when she comes across her romantic interest, Frederick Wentworth.


Taking a steep turn from “Hustle” and “Persuasion,” “Spiderhead” is an upcoming sci-fi thriller featuring popular Hollywood actors including Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller. Alongside their other cast members, which include Jurnee Smollett, Tess Haubrich, and BeBe Bettencourt. The plot is a strange one as two convicts volunteer for a strange medical experiment that causes the participant to question which of their multitude of feelings are real.

You can find other upcoming Netflix releases here.