Netflix, CBS Crushed Overall Viewing Time in 2021-22 Nielsen Ratings: See the Numbers

by Joe Rutland

Viewers of Netflix and CBS had their eyeballs working overtime as they helped push both to the tops of overall viewing time in the Nielsens. Netflix’s numbers actually came close to matching the top two broadcast networks. The streaming platform had 1.33 trillion minutes that viewers were plugged in during the TV season. CBS totaled 752.8 billion minutes and that’s just for network programming alone.

Nielsen Measures Netflix Viewing Time In Trillions, CBS In Billions

What might have helped CBS a lot? One of its franchise shows. The Late Show With Stephen Colbert had 22.5 billion minutes of viewing. Here are some more numbers to gaze at right now. More than 4 trillion minutes of viewing time was among the top four broadcasters and streaming platforms Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV+. Those numbers are staggering and don’t even include networks like Univision, Telemundo, PBS, The CW, or cable channels. We get more from The Hollywood Reporter.

Among the nine measured outlets, here is how the numbers did break down:

1, Netflix, 1.334 trillion minutes viewed
2. CBS, 752.8 billion
3. NBC, 596.7 billion
4. ABC, 471.9 billion
5. Fox, 323.1 billion
6. Disney+, 245.4 billion
7. Prime Video, 173.7 billion
8. Hulu, 128.1 billion
9. Apple TV+, 21.7 billion

CBS President and CEO George Cheeks offered these comments on the incredible data. “These audience engagement numbers speak loudly to the broad appeal of CBS programming across entertainment, news, and sports and the strength of our broadcast platform,” he said. “All of this popular content is available live, and most is available on-demand to our streaming partner Paramount+, providing a marketing and programming differentiator to our fast-growing streaming service.” On another note, CBS stated that scripted series FBI, NCIS, Blue Bloods, FBI: Most Wanted, and NCIS: Hawai’i — topped Netflix shows Ozark, Squid Game, You, Inventing Anna, and The Witcher in minutes watched during this season.

Platform Moving Ahead With Ad-Friendly Streaming Plans

In other Netflix news, its subscribers are threatening to cancel over having advertisements on the platform. The company did announce this week that they are moving forward with ad-friendly streaming. There are a number of other platforms like PlutoTV and Tubi that do offer ads in their programming. Of course, this would mean some of the shows on Netflix’s streaming platform will have ads sprinkled through its movies shows.

Subscribers are not happy with this news and it might send them away. People who get Netflix enjoy the ad-free content and don’t want to be interrupted by them. It’s a perk of subscribing. We’ll have to wait and see what these fans of Netflix will end up doing in the near future.