Netflix Is Bringing Exciting Additions to Its Catalog This Week

by Alex Falls

So far in July 2022, Netflix has added 14 new TV series and 57 new movies to its American library. Viewers have plenty to keep them busy while they avoid the hot summer weather. Between your outdoor adventures, curl up on the sofa to check out one of these new exciting additions to the streaming service.

12 Strong (2018)

This action-war film takes place shortly after the attacks of 9/11 and revolves around one of the first teams to deploy to Afghanistan. It stars Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, and Michael Peña. The film delivers huge spectacle thrills and it’s worth adding to your queue. 12 Strong received mixed reviews upon release with the critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes reads, “12 Strong has a solid cast, honorable intentions, and a thrilling, fact-based story — all of which are occasionally enough to balance a disappointing lack of depth or nuance.”

The Sea Beast (2022)

The latest addition to Netflix’s original animation slate, The Sea Beast, is their most ambitious animated release yet. When a young girl stows away on the ship of a legendary sea monster hunter, they launch into an epic journey across uncharted waters. It’s been available to stream for a few days, but critics are already head over heels for the new adventure. It currently sits at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes with the consensus reading, “An original animated tale that’s often as daring as its characters, The Sea Beast sends audiences on a voyage well worth taking.”

How To Build a Sex Room (Season 1)

This out-of-the-box new take on the home improvement program takes a look at how couples can engage in their ultimate fantasies. Designer Melanie Rose creates erotic renovations for couples looking to spice things up in this outrageous reality show.

Check out the complete list of new additions to Netflix this week below:

New Movies on Netflix this Week

  • 12 Strong (2018)
  • Ante Sundaraniki (2022)
  • Av: The Hunt (2020)
  • Aya (2017)
  • Blair Witch (2016)
  • Chaos, Disorder (2012)
  • Coming Forth by Day (2012)
  • Dangerous Liaisons (2022) 
  • Dave Chappelle: What’s in a Name? (2022) 
  • Dear Friend (2022)
  • From Meir, to Meir (2021)
  • Girl in the Picture (2022) 
  • Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between (2022)
  • Hurdang (2022)
  • Incantation (2022) 
  • Jewel (2022) 
  • Leave No Trace (2018)
  • Prophetess (2021)
  • Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls (2022) 
  • Sleepless Nights (2012)
  • The Art of Incarceration (2021)
  • The Crime (2021)
  • The Road (2015)
  • The Room (2019)
  • The Sea Beast (2022)
  • Tottaa Pataaka Item Maal (2019)
  • Trapped (2021)

New Seasons of TV on Netflix This Week

  • Attack on Pearl Harbor: Minute by Minute (Season 1)
  • Boo, Bitch (Limited Series) 
  • Capitani (Season 2) 
  • Control Z (Season 3 – Final Season) 
  • How To Build a Sex Room (Season 1) 
  • Karma’s World (Season 3) 
  • King of Stonks (Season 1) 
  • Lellobee City Farm (Season 1)
  • Oh My Baby (Season 1)
  • RIDE ON TIME (Season 4)
  • She Would Never Know (Season 1)
  • The Flash (Season 8)
  • The Longest Night (Season 1) 
  • The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (Season 1)
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man (Season 1)
  • VINLAND SAGA (Season 1)