Netflix Hit Series ‘Stranger Things’ Officially Loses Out on Major Streaming Honor

by Megan Molseed

It didn’t take long for the final season of the popular Netflix original series Stranger Things to become a major phenomenon after it hit the streaming service earlier this year. The fourth season of the series was released in two batches. The first in May 2022, and the second in July. Soon after each fourth season release, Stranger Things fans flocked to Netflix to stream the fourth season episodes. Quickly sending the series to the top of the most-binged shows of the summer list.

However, Stranger Things certainly held its own among audiences. Breaking some major streaming records – it didn’t quite make it all the way. The Stranger Things fourth season fell just short of becoming the most-watched series season on Netflix, just behind Squid Games.

Stranger Things Season 4, Breaks Some Big Records

The fourth season of the sci-fi thriller series may have fallen just short of becoming the most-binged series on Netflix. However, it still pulled in some impressive numbers. Even breaking some other records along the way. The first part of the season (Volume 1) which was released in May, quickly broke the record for the most streamed hours during a show’s premiere week.

This means Stranger Things beat out another Netflix favorite, Bridgerton. This popular Netflix series was premiering its second season around the same time. In addition to these record-breaking numbers, the first part of Stranger Things’ final season soon became the most watched English language program on Netflix. However, the popular streaming series just couldn’t break the top spot. Falling just short of becoming the most watched series of all time on the streaming platform.

Stranger Things Just Couldn’t Knock Squid Game Out Of Netflix’s Top Spot

The popular Duffer Brothers-led series pulled in viewers to amass a mind-blowing 1.4 billion viewing hours in just 28 days. These numbers include viewership after the release of both volumes 1 and 2. However, this falls just short of the 1.7 billion viewing hours Squid Game wracked up during the same amount of time following its fall 2021 debut on the streaming service.

Stranger Things Helps A 1986 Metallica Hit Become Part Of Netflix History

Metallica’s 1986 hit classic hit Master of Puppets has found new life. Rising in the charts once again after the song was featured in one of the most iconic moments from Stranger Things’ fourth and final season. And, shortly after this episode hit Netflix, Metallica jumped at the chance to create a mashup of themselves on TikTok dueting with Eddie Munson in the now-classic scene.

@metallica #duet with @netflix Eddie, this is for you! #StrangerThings #StrangerThings4 #MasterOfPuppets #EddieMunson #Netflix ♬ original sound – Netflix

“Eddie, this is for you!” the group captions the now-viral video. As they perform the duet, each member of the band is sending a shout-out to Eddie as they wear Hell Fire Club t-shirts from the show. Since posting the TikTok duet, the video has had well over two million views with over 1.5 million likes.