Netflix’s Newest Thriller Jumps To The No. 1 Spot After Just 48 Hours

by Megan Molseed

A new Netflix psychological thriller series Echoes has certainly caught the attention of viewers. Sending this new addition to the popular streaming service to number one – just 48 hours after its premiere.

Netflix has long kept viewers updated on the most watched shows to hit the platform on a fairly daily basis. And, these latest updates highlight how quickly Echoes shot to the top, securing the no.1 spot on the streamer. Just two days after the hit premiered on Netflix.

Echoes Thrills Netflix Watchers, Finding It’s Way To The Top Spot Just Days After Premiere

This newest Netflix limited series is an Australian psychological thriller that finds a unique mix of the classic Disney hit The Parent Trap and the Blake Lively hit A Simple Favor. Echoes follows the stories of Leni and Gina, identical twins (both are portrayed by Michelle Monaghan).

The twins have secretly swapped lives ever since they were little. The duo enjoyed stepping into each other’s shoes for a period of time. However, deeper secrets are soon revealed when one of the twins goes missing.

Not only does Echoes provide big-time thriller fun for Netflix viewers, but it also boasts a star-studded cast. Joining Michelle Monaghan in the limited streaming series is White Collar alum Matt Bomer who portrays Jack, Leni’s husband. Rescue Me’s Daniel Sunjata portrays Gina’s husband, Charlie. Additionally, Schitt’s Creek alum Karen Robinson portrays Louise Floss, the sheriff working on the mysterious disappearance case.

Since its premiere this weekend, Echoes has unseated some major Netflix favorites. The coming-of-age comedy-drama series Never Have I Ever has enjoyed holding the top spot on the popular streamer during pivotal points in the show’s three-season run. Furthermore, the DC comic book adaption of the Neil Gaiman tale The Sandman has been knocked off its throne with the addition of Echoes to the Netflix queue.

The entire limited series, seven episodes, are available on Netflix right now. Setting up the perfect binging opportunity for any lover of a good thriller series!

Tim Burton’s Wednesday Set To Premiere On Netflix Later This Year

Thriller fans may be enjoying the edge-of-your-seat action that Echoes is bringing this month, however, Netflix has another treat just around the corner. This one involves a spooky classic and a whole lot of comedy.

Wednesday, the Tim Burton-led spin-off of the spooky classic TV sitcom series The Addams Family is set to premiere on Netflix this fall…just in time for Halloween of course! This spin-off series follows the young Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) as the teen adjusts to a new school. Of course, this isn’t your typical “coming of age” story as Wednesday’s adjustments to her new environment are very different than the struggles faced by the average teen!