Netflix and Paramount Plus Amp Up Original Content in 2022: Check Out the New Titles

by Leanne Stahulak

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO have maintained their success by producing original content that can only be found through their platforms. Now, Paramount Plus is looking to jump aboard the same train.

When Paramount Plus launched in the U.S. in March 2021, it enticed viewers with several original shows and films. These included “Why Women Kill,” an “iCarly” reboot, “The Game,” “The Offer,” and more. They also transferred over shows from CBS All Access, the original streaming service, and reruns of classic CBS shows.

Now, per The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Plus is amping up its offering of U.K.-based content after launching in the region this past June. Before, subscribers could only access the streaming service in the U.S., Australia, and parts of Latin America. Now that it’s available in the U.K., the platform wants to appeal to European viewers with shows and films that are based and produced in the region.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that Paramount now offers the second-largest slate of original titles based in the U.K. for 2022. Only Netflix has produced more this year.

Ampere Analysis, a market-leading data firm focused on media, released a new report on Monday about the streaming services. Per the report, Paramount Plus ordered 12 new titles in Q1 of 2022, seven of which were produced in Britain. The platform has now ordered more for Q2.

“The second slate of original titles in the second quarter consisted of eight more (six from the U.K.), making the U.K. the country with the highest number of Paramount+ original commissions outside the U.S.,” Ampere noted.

So, that puts Paramount Plus at 13 U.K.-based shows, trailing just behind Netflix, which has 16. Discovery+ follows with six, Amazon Prime with five, Apple TV+ with three, and Disney+ with two. The Hollywood Reporter did not say where Hulu or HBO fell on this list.

So, What Kind of U.K. Shows are Paramount Plus Investing In?

While we don’t have any official titles or release dates for these U.K. shows, Ampere Analysis did report that the primary genre for these shows was “crime or thriller.”

Per the report, this genre “reflects the British audience’s preferences. Crime and thriller was the most popular genre among U.K. respondents in the first quarter of 2022,” Ampere said earlier.

Out of the 13 U.K. shows, Paramount Plus subscribers can expect three scripted crime/thriller series in the next year. Plus four unscripted, documentary pieces.

One of the scripted dramas includes, “an adaptation of Jess Ryder’s 2018 psychological thriller The Ex-Wife,” Ampere noted. “There are four unscripted series falling into the documentary — crime and thriller category, including The Box, a documentary on serial killers, presented by British detective Chris Loudon.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Paramount Plus and other platforms’ original content hitting your screen later this year.