Netflix Pulls a Tom Hanks Classic

by Joe Rutland

While we were not paying much attention, Netflix decides it would be a good time to yank a Tom Hanks classic off the streaming platform. Why in the world would they take Forrest Gump off of there? Millions of people love going back and seeing the tender romance between Forrest and Jenny. But it’s now off Netflix. Bummer.

Each month, the streamer comes out with a list of movies and programs being dropped. By now, anyone with Netflix knows that Forrest Gump is gone. By the way, another Hanks classic, You’ve Got Mail, also went bye-bye. Where in the world can you see Forrest Gump these days? It runs regularly on another streaming platform, Paramount Plus.

While Netflix Removes ‘Forrest Gump,’ Stars Offered Their Recollections

The movie stars Hanks as Forrest, a man who speaks rather slowly and has “a low I.Q.” We don’t know what disability he has but there’s definitely something going on with him. Some people who see the movie these days might be a little put off by this characterization. Times are different from the days when Forrest Gump first appeared in movie theaters. What a cast, though. Besides Hanks, you had Robin Wright, who played Jenny, and Sally Field, who played Forrest’s mother.

Gary Sinise also was in there as he played Lt. Dan Taylor. Upon a recent anniversary of the movie opening up, he offered up some reflections from that time on Twitter. “28 years ago today, Forrest Gump hit the box office,” Sinise wrote. “I was honored to play the wounded Vietnam Veteran, Lt Dan Taylor, and represent so many of our wounded veterans who selflessly served our country. And today, it’s an honor to help ‘the real Lt. Dan’s'”. And Sinise does just that through his Gary Sinise Foundation.

Back in 2019, upon the movie’s 25th anniversary of its release in 1994, Hanks offered this quip about the movie itself. “It’s a really crazy, unique motion picture without a doubt,” he said in an interview with USA Today. “And it’s a movie in which the great moments that resonate are going to change depending on when you’re watching it.” Hanks also would recall working with direct Robert Zemeckis on the movie. “He said, ‘I can’t have the director and the star of the film not be soulmates. You need to tell me anything and I need to feel comfortable telling you anything. And if that’s the case, I will open up every frame of this movie to you,'” Hanks said. Forrest Gump would go on to rack up $330 million at the box office and bring in six Oscars, including for best picture, best director, and best actor. That’s a pretty good haul for an amazing movie.