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Netflix Reveals Cast Details for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Upcoming Spy Series

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images)

Just as he promised all those years back, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, and this time, he’s working in a Netflix spy series alongside his former Terminator costar, Gabriel Luna.

In the yet-to-be-named project, Arnold will be playing a CIA agent who also has a daughter in the spy business. And as Variety reports, she will be played by Top Gun: Maverick’s Monica Barbaro. Other stars who’ve signed with the series are Aparana Brielle, Jay Baruchel, and as we noted above, Gabriel Luna.

Some of the series’ regulars will also include Barbara Eve Harris, Fabiana Udenio, Travis Van Winkle, Andy Buckley, Milan Carter, and Fortune Feimster.

The Netflix show will be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s streaming debut. But this won’t be the first time he’s dabbled in the world of espionage. Back in 1994, the musclebound A-lister teamed up with his Terminator director once more to work with Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies.

In the movie, he played secret agent Harry Tasker, a super spy trying to be both a family man and a James Bond of sorts. And it sounds like this new project could be a bit of a nod to the classic film.

If it Had Been Up to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis Wouldn’t Have Been in ‘True Lies’

While True Lies went down in history as one of the most classic 90s films in history, there was a time when James Cameron briefly considered swapping out Jamie Lee Curtis for another star. And that was at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s request.

Arnold didn’t have anything against Curtis, but he was incredibly uncomfortable playing her on-screen husband and sharing all those romantic scenes because he was good friends with her father, Tony Curtis.

As Jamie Lee Curtis once shared with Yahoo! Entertainment, her True Spies cohort was 12 years her senior, and he only knew her as “Tony’s daughter.” And playing her husband was too strange to consider.

“He loved Tony Curtis,” the actress said. “So I’m sure Arnold just looked at me like it’d be like kissing your niece or something … I guarantee, in fact, he did not want me to be in that movie. I think he just thought it would be weird. We knew each other a little bit socially. I just don’t think he thought of me as his leading lady. I think he thought of me as Tony’s little girl. And it was Jim who said, ‘No, I’ve written this for her. She’s the one to do this with you.’”

Luckily for everyone though, James “Jim” Cameron refused to listen, though. And the duo made quite the team on screen. When the actors worked through their awkwardness, they became great friends. And they’re still close to this day.