Netflix Reveals Its Most-Watched Movies: See the Top 10

by Shelby Scott

Despite an onslaught of backlash following multiple controversial changes, Netflix still remains the world’s leading streaming service. That said, its reign could still conclude very soon, especially if the streaming platform continues to lose subscribers. However, we’re not here to look at the content provider’s downfall. Instead, we’ll actually look at Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched films ever; and interestingly, one actor seems to be a major draw for viewers.

According to the Daily Mail, films starring Ryan Reynolds, but also Sandra Bullock and Leonardo DiCaprio, have performed extremely well on Netflix. As per the outlet, Reynolds has three films ranking amid the platform’s Top 10 list. Sandra Bullock boasts two.

Before diving into the entirety of the platform’s list, the outlet states Netflix’s Top 10 list encompasses a global audience. The following measurements are based on total hours watched.

Taking the top spot in Netflix’s Top 10 to date is the streaming platform’s hit original film Red Notice. The comedic action film stars Ryan Reynolds alongside Hollywood icon Dwayne Johnson and actress Gal Gadot. Altogether, the news outlet reports Red Notice accumulated 364,020,000 hours of viewership. Given its success with audiences, however, it’s interesting critics only awarded the 2021 film a 36% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Achieving the second-place spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list is Don’t Look Up, the dark comedy starring Leonardo DiCaprio. On the heels of Red Notice, Don’t Look Up garnered 359,790,000 hours of viewership since premiering in December of 2021.

Finally, in the third-place slot is the dystopian thriller Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock as she plays a frightened mom trying to keep herself and her two children alive in a world plagued with demonic visions. In total, Bird Box boasts 282,020,000 hours of viewership, falling significantly behind both Red Notice and Don’t Look Up.

The Remainder of the Top 10 List:

As the news outlet stated, the streaming platform’s top films all feature three of the aforementioned big-ticket actors. However, unsurprisingly, Ryan Reynolds, whose career in acting spans three decades, featured in several other of the platform’s Top 10 films. Now, we’re here to take a look at those with you.

In addition to Red Notice, Reynolds also stars in The Adam Project, the family-based time traveler adventure film which placed in 4th, and the action film, 6 Underground, which placed in 9th. The Adam Project, which sees Reynolds’ adult character crossing paths with his 12-year-old self, boasts 233,160,000 hours of viewership. Slipping behind, 6 Underground boasts just 205,470,000 hours of viewership.

Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock found her way to Netflix’s Top 10 list a second time, starring in the hit film, The Unforgivable. The Unforgivable features Bullock as an ex-convict as she works to adjust to life outside of prison. Altogether, it earned 214,700,000 hours of viewership so far.

Other Top 10 highlights include Mark Wahlberg‘s Spenser Confidential, The Kissing Booth 2, the big-budget film The Irishman starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci, and Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth.