Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Smashes Nielsen Streaming Records Again: See the Numbers

by Leanne Stahulak

Netflix’s hit supernatural thriller series “Stranger Things” just set a new all-time Nielsen streaming record with the debut of its fourth season.

“Stranger Things” followed the new format of most shows this year by dropping its fourth season in two parts, or volumes. Season 4 Vol. 1 debuted on May 27, while Vol 2. dropped just yesterday, July 1. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Nielsen streaming numbers are in for the week of Vol.1, from May 30-June 5.

During that time, “Stranger Things” fans watched an astonishing 7.2 billion minutes of the show. Per the outlet, this is the highest weekly total for any streaming show since Nielsen started doing these ratings in 2020. The only two shows to come close to this record were “Tiger King” and “Ozark” in spring 2020. Those two both earned more than 5 billion minutes of viewing, but none have ever topped 6 billion.

And this is only with data collected from TV sets. Nielsen doesn’t collect data from mobile devices or computers, where viewers might have clocked in even more minutes. And it evaluates all episodes of all seasons, not exclusively who watched Season 4.

But “Stranger Things” still blew away all other streaming titles during its first week. While the 1980s set show earned more than 7 billion minutes of viewing, the second-place show, “The Lincoln Lawyer,” only reached 966 million minutes. No other show even crossed 1 billion.

We’ll have to wait and see how the numbers look for the Vol. 2 debut from this weekend. But based on the fact that Netflix crashed last night, we have to believe it will blow away even this recently-set record.

‘Stranger Things’ Crashes Netflix With Season 4 Vol. 2 Debut

Fans of “Stranger Things” could start watching the final two episodes of the fourth season on Thursday night (going into Friday morning). The episodes debuted at midnight Pacific time, or 3 a.m. Easter time. But according to The Daily Mail, users all around the world started getting error messages once the episodes dropped.

These messages included saying like, “This page isn’t working” or “Please try again later.” Frustrated fans took to Twitter to voice their complaints about the streamer breaking down during a critical moment.

“I did not just count down the seconds like it’s New Years for Netflix to crash #StrangerThings,” one fan said online. Another person wrote, “Netflix crash? Please let me watch Stranger Things or I’ll cry.” Someone else commented, “The power of the stranger things fandom to literally crash netflix… unparalleled.” 

Luckily, the streamer soon got things back up and running. Fans could soon settle in to watch the crazy long episodes, which ran for an impressive 85 and 150 minutes each.