Netflix Users Threatening to Cancel Subscription Over Streaming Giant’s Plan to Introduce Ads

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

Netflix has faced a lot of backlash in recent months. But now, the iconic streaming platform has come into intense heat as many subscribers are threatening to cancel their subscriptions. During the first quarter, Netflix took a major hit when it reported the loss of 200,000 subscribers. Afterward, the company faced a massive lawsuit from company shareholders. Now, with the platform already in hot water, Netflix is sure to lose even more users to rivals. This week, Netflix has officially unveiled plans to incorporate ads within its makeup.

According to the Daily Mail, Netflix announced on Tuesday plans to accelerate the move toward ad-friendly streaming. And though the outlet notes the addition could potentially entice consumers facing a worsening crisis regarding the cost of living, many more users are much more likely to simply abandon the platform.

Netflix Users Unleash Their Fury on Social Media

Employees of the company revealed in a note that the streaming giant plans to incorporate ads into its subscriptions by the end of the year. The note reportedly read, “Yes, it’s fast and ambitious and it will require some trade-offs.”

Angry users have unleashed their fury on social media.

One Netflix subscriber tweeted, “I’ve been a [Netflix] customer since the time when you had to send the disc back in the mail. If ads go on my PAID SUBSCRIPTION ACCOUNT, I’m gone for good. This is nonnegotiable.”

Another tagged the streaming giant, writing, “I’m letting you know now that if I EVER see a single ad interrupt anything I’m watching on your service, I will cancel faster than you can say ‘commercial break.'”

Not only then does Netflix face growing backlash from consumers amid plans to incorporate ads; the outlet also reports many subscribers could likely transition to the streaming giant’s rivals. Popular alternates include Apple, Amazon, and Disney+.

How Could Netflix Overcome Subscriber Loss as a Result of Ads?

Netflix has maintained its spot as the number one subscription streaming service internationally for years. Now though, there’s a good chance the platform could lose that title whenever it decides to incorporate advertisements. However, depending on how the company goes about that transition, it may just be able to win back some of its subscribers.

Amid the onslaught of angry tweets, Netflix executives reasoned, “Every major streaming company excluding Apple has or has announced an ad-supported service. For good reason, people want lower-priced options.”

They further said, HBO and Hulu have “maintain[ed] strong brands while offering an ad-supported service.”

Meanwhile, Paolo Pescatore, an analyst at PP Foresight, said that in order for the streaming giant to attract new users and keep them engaged, Netflix’s new ad-supported plan would need to be “somewhere between 25%-50% less than what they’re paying today.”

TV expert Nick Baker further said, “When the new tier is brought in a lot will hinge on its price point.”