Netflix’s Mature Marilyn Monroe Biopic Drops All-New Set Photos

by Tia Bailey

Netflix pays tribute to iconic actress Marilyn Monroe with a new biopic. Photos from “Blonde,” starring Ana de Armas, dropped, and they’re iconic.

The film, which has people talking about it lately due to its NC-17 rating, covers aspects from both Monroe’s public life as well as her private life. The film is listed as a drama/psychological drama.

Vanity Fair released several exclusive images today from the movie. Photos include de Armas and choreographer Denna Thomsen, practicing a dance while de Armas wears the pink “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” dress, de Armas recreating a photo of Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, and de Armas with Adrien Brody, who plays Arthur Miller in the film.

Twitter user @UbikBelling responded to the photos, saying, “That looks really incredible. I can’t wait! #Blonde #AnaDeArmas”.

Fans are also thrilled with the casting of de Armas as Monroe. De Armas has been accumulating a loyal fanbase thanks to her work in previous films, such as Bond movie “No Time to Die,” and killing it as the leading lady in “Knives Out.”

Netflix released the first teaser trailer for the movie last month, and viewers expressed their excitement, solidifying de Armas’ success in the role already.

Sneak Peeks of Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe Revealed

Although short, the teaser gives a glimpse at a few iconic Marilyn moments, such as her white dress flying up while she stands over a breeze and laughs. YouTube user Kevin Costello commented, “This is exactly what a trailer should look like. Give a hint of the movies premise without showing the entire movie. Can’t wait to see it. Ana de Armas rocks.”

Other comments praised the movie for taking a deep look into Monroe’s struggles, because no matter how much she was going through at the time, she was always presenting herself to the public as if she was fine.

YouTube user Kiera Walford also pointed this out, commenting, “It’s scary how her reflection on the mirror didn’t match her real self. If you take a look her real self is not even laughing and she’s not wearing the same clothes compared to what’s on the reflections. It’s like Norma Jeane Baker channeling Marilyn Monroe. Amazing! The film has a surrealistic tone to it.”

The film also stars Bobby Cannavale as baseball player Joe DiMaggio, one of Monroe’s most well-known husbands, as well as Julienne Nicholson as Marilyn’s mother, Gladys Pearl Baker, and Caspar Phillipson as John F. Kennedy.

Andrew Dominik, who is known for directing “Killing Me Softly,” “The Assassination of Jesse James,” and more directs the film.

“Blonde” comes out on Netflix on September 23. To see the exclusive look at the film, click here.