‘Ozark’ Actor Marc Menchaca Signs Onto New Project on Apple TV+

by Sean Griffin

Ozark star Marc Menchaca just signed on to a new Apple TV+ limited series: The Big Cigar. The show is centered on Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton. The Big Cigar, a six-episode series, will star André Holland, Don Cheadle, Alessandro Nivola and Tiffany Boone.

Fans know Menchaca best from his time as Russ Langmore in the smash-hit Netflix series Ozark. Ozark follows the Langmore family closely during its run. Russ Langmore featured prominently in Season 1 as the father of Wyatt and Three. Russ Langmore is the uncle of series-favorite Ruth Langmore (portrayed by Julia Garner).

However, while fans grew to love Russ Langmore as a criminal on Ozark, he’ll be flipping sides this time. In the new Apple TV+ series, Menchaca will star as Agent Sydney Clark. Clark is a former lawyer and Vietnam veteran from Oklahoma. In the show, Clark is undercover as a hippie as he tries to nail Newton for the killing of a teen prostitute.

The series tells the over-the-top, true story of how Newton used his best friend, Bert Schneider to elude a nationwide manhunt and escape to Cuba. Schneider, the producer behind films like Easy Rider, helped Newton while he was pursued by the FBI. Janine Sherman Barrois will be the showrunner, and Don Cheadle will direct the first two episodes.

Take a look at the other roles Marc Menchaca landed before and since Ozark.

Marc Menchaca Before and After ‘Ozark’

While Marc Menchaca was acting long before Ozark, it’s clear Russ Langmore was his breakout role. He has since landed roles in hugely popular series and films. For instance, he scored regular occurrences on Manifest and The Sinner after his turn on Ozark. Then, after that, he landed the role of Jack Hoskins in Stephen King’s The Outsider miniseries. He also played Captain Andrew Bennett in two episodes of Jack Ryan.

However, while Ozark and the other crime television series he’s acted in have given him the most notoriety, he’s accomplished elsewhere, too. Menchaca has a terrific record of notching accolades at film festivals. For instance, his feature film This Is Where We Live was nominated for Best Narrative Feature at the South by Southwest Festival Awards. He won Best Actor at the Breckenridge Film Festival in 2016 for his part in Reparation.

Similarly, he won Best Actor in a Feature for his work in Alone. He notched that award victory at the Mammoth Film Festival Awards. Lastly, Menchaca took home Best Actor in 2020 at the Oxford International Film Festival Awards for his performance in #Like.

Menchaca is only 46; he’s a young actor still reaching his prime. If Menchaca continues the great acting work from Ozark that earned him mainstream recognition, he’ll continue ascending the Hollywood hierarchy.