‘Ozark’ Cast, Creator Speaks on Bringing Back ‘Ghosts’ in Potential Spinoffs

by Megan Molseed

Recently, fans of the hit Netflix series, Ozark watched as the popular show wrapped up its final season. It was a shocking end as many fans were concerned. Especially as the show came to an end with an unexpected death, and an open-ended future for the family at the center of the series, the Byrdes.

Now, fans of the Netflix series are wondering: are we going to see more of the Byrdes? Or, better yet, can we expect to see some long-lost characters from the series – even some “ghosts” as one showrunner calls them – in potential spin-off installments? According to some of the minds – and the stars – behind the popular streaming series, all of this is very likely in the future.

Ozark Showrunner Discusses Vision For Series Spin-Off Putting The Byrde Family In A Unique Position

Recently, Ozark showrunner Chris Mundy along with Jason Bateman who portrays Marty Byrde in the series; Julie Garner who plays Ruth Longmore; series editor Cindy Mollo; production designer David Bomba; music supervisor Gabe Hilfer, and cinematographer Shawn Kim took some time to discuss these ideas with Jimmy Kimmel. During this discussion, the showrunner notes there are no official plans for a spin-off series or movie yet. However, the Ozark producer has a few ideas for the Byrdes’ next chapter.

The showrunner says that he envisions the show’s follow-up project to be centered around the Byrde’s having a major influence in politics – about five years after the events in Ozark come to an end. And, one of the show’s stars, Jason Batemen says that some “ghosts” could be returning in a follow-up project.

“It would have to be something that would allow for ghosts,” Bateman explains. “Because we’ve got a lot of them we’d want back.”

Ozark Is Not New To Bringing “Ghosts” Back Into The Fold

Of course, should a spin-off film or series use this idea, it would not be the first time Ozark has brought characters back from the dead. Julia Garner’s Ruth Longmore has regular conversations with Wyatt, even long after he is killed.

Of course, any Ozark spinoff is very likely to include the Byrde family. After all, it centers around the characters as Jason Bateman’s Marty Byrde brings his family to the Ozarks after a money-laundering deal goes bad.

And, as the series comes to an end, Marty and his family, wife Wendy (Laura Linney); daughter Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz); and son Jonah (Skylar Gaertner), are lucky in their final escape as the series comes to a close. While it’s certainly not a happy ending overall…it’s not overly tragic for the Byrde family. It also leaves the door open for many sequel opportunities.