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‘Ozark’ Catapults Into the Top Spot on Netflix’s Top 10

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

The fourth and final season of the hit Netflix drama series Ozark has pulled in a massive number of viewers in recent weeks. So far, over 78 million viewers have been tuning in to catch the show’s final season, the second half of which just dropped in the last few days. These ratings reflect impressive numbers. Numbers so good, in fact, that the series has catapulted to the streaming service’s top spot.

Recent numbers reflect that Ozark’s season 4 has held the number one spot among Netflix’s Top 10 English TV programs with 78.4 million hours viewed. The popular series has also cleared the top 10 in 73 countries. The second part of Ozark’s final season hit Netflix in late April. This, viewers know, follows the January premiere of the first half of the popular drama series.

Netflix’s Ozark Brings An Impressive Payday For Star Jason Bateman

Netflix viewers were first introduced to Jason Bateman’s Marty Byrde when Ozark first hit the streaming service in 2017. And, it was exactly then that Ozark became the dark drama series we never knew we needed.

Following Marty Byrde and his family as the doomed man works to climb out of a deadly money laundering scheme, the series has thrown us some major emotional curve balls and it hasn’t slowed down. Even as the series finale hit Netflix late last month. Of course, one of the best parts of the series is the performance of the series star, Jason Bateman as he portrays the morally flexible Marty Byrde who struggles to balance on the line separating right and wrong.

The longtime movie star and television actor has been a major player in the Hollywood scene for decades now. First finding fame in the 1980s on sitcoms and teen comedy films. So, what was the actor’s going rate when he signed on to portray Mary Byrde in the Netflix series? Well, according to CelebAnswers Bateman pulled in as much as $300,000 per Ozark episode. Although, this big payday isn’t a major surprise to those who have followed Jason Bateman’s career over the years. In fact, Bateman has noted that there is a slight similarity between Ozark’s Marty Byrde and another popular character he has recently portrayed; Arrested Development’s Michael Bluth.

“I think they have similar blind spots,” Bateman says of the two characters.

“Their arrogance and hubris leads to early decisions,” the longtime actor explains.

“Perhaps they should think a little bit longer about what they do,” Bateman quips of Marty and Michael.

It’s A Fine Line Between a Comedy and a Drama

The actor goes on to note that there are some similarities between the two Netflix shows. Even though one is a comedy and the other is a drama.

“I’m not too far removed from a drama when I’m doing Arrested Development,” Bateman says. “And I’m not too far from a comedy when I’m doing Ozark.” According to the actor, the difference is often in the way each one is approached.

“In a drama, I’m not the person with a knife. I’m the person getting chased,” Bateman says.

“In a comedy, I’m not the person farting,” the actor jokes. “I’m the person who smelled it.”