‘Ozark’ Creator Chris Mundy Talks Potential of Film, Spinoff Series

by Emily Morgan

In the weeks following that dramatic conclusion to “Ozark,” fans everywhere have speculated as to whether or not it’s really over for the Byrde family. Now, showrunner Chris Mundy is opening up about the future of the Byrde’s criminal enterprise.

During a recent panel moderated by Jimmy Kimmel, Mundy, Jason Bateman, and Julia Garner sat down to openly discuss the show’s riveting final season. Additionally, the production, including the editor, production designer, music supervisor, and cinematographer, joined one another for the panel.

The late-night talk show host quizzed the panel about what the next iteration of the crime drama could look like. According to Mundy, pitches for the series spin-off included “Meet The Byrdes” and “Byrde Watching.”

Sadly, nothing was confirmed. However, when Kimmel asked what he thinks the Byrdes will be up to in five years, Mundy told Kimmel that he thinks the family will “run the Midwest,” per IndieWire. He added, “and in some ways, they’re going to have the political clout to dictate national politics.”

As for whether or not fans will see that play out on screen, Mundy said, “There’s no plan at the moment for there to be a movie.”

‘Ozark’ showrunner clears up dramatic final moment of series

He added, “It’s going to really sink in soon that we’re not working together anymore. And there’s a sadness in that. So, I don’t think any of us would ever say no to anything, but there’s no [follow-up] being written. I know that.”

Bateman then noted that if they were to bring the show back, “It would have to be something that would allow for ghosts, because we’ve got a lot of them we’d want back.”

After the show aired its final moments, fans debated what truly transpired at the Byrde house that night.

Some viewers believed Jonah, son of Marty and Wendy Byrde, shot down the cookie jar full of incriminating evidence. However, Mundy cleared things up.”I think he shot Mel [the cop], and Mel is dead,” Mundy admitted during the panel. “And I think they went to their crematorium, just off-screen.”

Kimmel also joked that Mundy would know about that better than anybody and added, “I’m glad you’re not playing coy about this [like] ‘Well, that’s for you, the viewer, to decide,’ and then 14 years later you go ‘Yeah, that’s what happened.'”

Yet, Mundy added that he felt the final moment of the popular streaming series was, to him, “pretty unambiguous.”

In addition, Bateman also offered his interpretation of the ending. Bateman, who also directed the episode, said Jonah’s gun “was probably a buckshot too, so the cookie jar went down as well. There’s a lot of spray on that.”