‘Ozark’: Did You Catch the Famous Musician Who Made a Cameo in Season 4, Part 2?

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Ruth Langmore may not have met her perfect ending on Netflix’s Ozark, but she did get to have her ultimate fangirl moment by running into legendary rapper Killer Mike.

In the season 4 part, 2 episode titled Cousin of Death, Ruth was reeling from the death of Wyatt. And she was determined to avenge him. So she headed to Chicago to find his murderer.

While there, Ruth was walking through the city doing what she always did to quell her anger—listening to 90s hip hop. And as she blared Nas’ debut LP Illmatic from her phone, she ran right into Killer Mike.

“I really love your sh**,” she ecstatically told him. The cameo was the one and only time that a musician made a debut on Ozark.

Killer Mike, AKA Michael Render, first joined the hip hop world when Big Boi and Andre 3000 asked him to collaborate on their album Stankonia, which went multi-platinum. The rapper then went on to win a Grammy with the artists and Outkast for the hit The Whole World. And he’s since gone on to become and remain a major hip-hop icon.

With Ruth’s constant musical interludes, adding Killer Mike to the screen was one of the most fitting plugs Ozark could have done. But apparently, the appearance wasn’t just a huge moment for the curly-haired drug lord. It was also a major honor for the musician.

Killer Mike Honored to Guest Star on ‘Ozark’

“When I got the call, I was like ‘hell yeah I’m down,’” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “Finding out I’d be playing Killer Mike, and talking to Ruth, excited me. I was honored to be asked.”

Mike has been a fan of the series ever since it got its start back in 2017. He and his wife Shana Render watched each episode together and particularly loved the often at-odds relationship between Wendy and Marty.

“Marriages survive a lot of shit,” he said. “[Wendy and Marty] survive affairs, drug cartel hits, friends becoming enemies. That’s on television. But in real life, marriage is not always easy. It takes a lot of what the Byrdes do: conversation. There’s a lot of, ‘I might curse you out in the morning and I’ll be nursing you back to health in the evening.’”

Killer Mike’s music has been a constant presence on Ozark. Thanks to showrunner Chris Mundy and music supervisor Gabe Hilfer’s love of his work, the show has featured his work on several soundtracks.

And with the unending respect for Killer Mike on the Ozark set and his own appreciation of the series, the cameo was a treat for everyone involved.

“Everybody loved him,” Mundy admitted. “Laura Linney went to set even though she wasn’t acting in that scene. He sent flowers to Garner and to the director, Amanda Marsalis, afterward. He’s just the most incredible class act.”