‘Ozark’ Dominates Streaming Charts: See Staggering Number of Minutes Watched

by Emily Morgan

The climactic ending to “Ozark” proved nothing short of dramatic. But, beyond the nail-biting plotlines, the show has absolutely dominated the ratings. According to Nielson, the final season skyrocketed the crime series to the number one spot on its weekly streaming chart for May 2 to 8. 

Fans of the show spent more than 3.3 billion minutes streaming. The Jason Bateman-backed Netflix series made up 40% of the week’s Top 10. The second half of the latest and last season debuted on April 29.

According to Nielsen, the average age of an “Ozark” viewer sits right around 50, and the fans remain evenly split between men and women. However, even if you’re not a fan, you can’t help but see the show continue to make headlines. Throughout its gripping four seasons, it’s become one of the best originals in Netflix’s history. 

In addition to “Ozark,” another top performer for the streaming platform is “Grace and Frankie.” Though it’s a stark difference in plot compared to “Ozark,” it’s still done remarkably well. Its final 12 seasons recently went online, resulting in a 26% gain for the week. The series starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin has fans that are 77% female. It finished in second place behind “Ozark” with 880 million minutes of streaming.

On the competing platform, Disney+, Marvel’s new series “Moon Knight” raked in 715 million minutes of viewing, claiming third place. In addition, Amazon Prime Video’s original series “Outer Range,” starring Josh Brolin, claimed its spot in the Top 10. It holds the ninth spot at 425 million minutes of viewing.

Jason Bateman might not be ready to officially close the door on ‘Ozark’

It’s also crucial to know that Nielsen measures the views through a TV screen, meaning if you stream on your phone, it doesn’t count. It also looks at the data for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and Apple TV+. 

As for “Ozark,” we’re still obsessed with the Byrde family’s life of crime. As you’ll remember, Jason Bateman starred in all four seasons as Marty Byrde, a mild-mannered man who got caught up in a Mexican drug cartel and had to uproot his entire family. 

Off-camera, fans and critics offered the actor and director high praise for his performance. Bateman has even made it clear that he’d love to make more of the show in the future if the opportunity presented itself. 

“Any job or work environment that was positive, and where you loved the people you were working with and you loved the product you were creating, you’d love to return to it,” Bateman said in an interview with Variety. “It’s hard to maintain something that is really pleasurable all the time. And we had that with Ozark. So I’d do it again in a second, because what we had just doesn’t happen often.”