‘Ozark’ Dominates Streaming Top-10 With Staggering Amount of Minutes-Watched

by Shelby Scott

The final episodes of Netflix‘s hit crime thriller “Ozark” arrived on the platform at the end of April, bringing the series to an end. Now though, a Nielsen report reveals the Netflix show absolutely crushed the company’s list of Top-10 streaming originals for the week of April 25th.

According to TVLine, “Ozark” fans achieved a cumulative total of 2.6 billion minutes viewed across the show’s 44 episodes. Overall, the outlet reports that week marked the series’ 18th billion-minute week since Nielsen began tracking streaming content viewership.

Netflix ranked high on the Nielsen rating chart a second time during that final week in April; the original series “Grace and Frankie” came in second. However, the TV comedy trailed far behind “Ozark” on the streaming platform in regard to total viewership. Altogether, “Grace and Frankie” saw a viewership total numbering just 701 million minutes. The total then for “Grace and Frankie” is hardly even comparable to “Ozark’s” domination of streaming’s Top 10.

Third among Nielsen’s Top-10 for that final week in April came “Moon Night,” a Disney+ series. Altogether, the Disney series achieved 681 million minutes viewed, though, at the time, there were just five available episodes.

Other streaming originals that ranked alongside “Ozark,” “Grace and Frankie,” and Disney+’s “Moon Night” were several other Netflix originals. TVLine reports there were six in total. These include “Selling Sunset,” “Bridgerton,” “The John Wayne Gacy Tapes,” “Bullsh*t The Game Show,” “Anatomy of a Scandal,” and “The Marked Heart.”

The only other non-Netflix original to rank in Nielsen’s Top-10 at the end of April was Prime Video’s “Outer Range.”

‘Ozark’ Fans Want Netflix to Make These Spinoffs

Given its consistent appearance in Nielsen’s Top-10 streaming originals, there’s no doubt “Ozark” remains one of the platform’s most popular series. And despite the show’s conclusion, “Ozark” fans are now begging the series’ creators for a multitude of new spinoffs. See what they have to say below.

Most dynamically, Looper reports many fans are interested in a series that follows Jonah and the Snells. Even long before the show’s conclusion, one “Ozark” fan wrote, “Every character in ‘Ozark’ deserves a spinoff show.” They then went on with a list of pitches that Netflix should definitely take into consideration.

“I want 32yo Buddy in Detroit in the Irishman timeline [and] I want 23yo Jonah paying MIT tuition w/ white-collar crime. I want Wendy running a presidential [campaign] in [season 7 of] ‘House of Cards.’ I want an 1800s-period piece of Snell’s ancestors.”

Some fans had other ideas to add to Netflix’s growing list of “Ozark” suggestions.

“I would like an opportunity to pitch an ‘Ozark’ spinoff for Netflix centered around the Navarro cartel being led by Camila,” one fan wrote.

Others commended Netflix’s work on the show, writing, “Wow!!! What a finale ‘Ozark’…probably one of the best series ever…would love to see a spinoff with Jonah running the cartel..”

All good suggestions, and with the show’s creators open to the idea of a spinoff, it’s very possible we might see more “Ozark” action in another Netflix series in the future.