‘Ozark’ Fans Can Visit the Missouri Belle Riverboat, But Is It a Real Place?

by Emily Morgan

There’s no doubt that “Ozark” is a must-see Netflix series. From the plotline to the characters, the show is a remarkable look inside the erosion of a family. Unfortunately, as the show progresses, things get worse and worse for the Byrde family, who has chosen a life of crime in the rural Missouri Ozarks.

As viewers will come to learn, the Byrdes must launder money for one of the world’s most dangerous drug cartels. Panic-stricken, the family has to get creative when it comes to laundering. As a result, in Season 3, we see them as they set their sights on turning a local riverboat into a floating casino.

After winning over some people in high places, they open the Missouri Belle Riverboat Casino, which is a colossal success and helps further the family’s decline into the criminal lifestyle. Although the story is rooted in fiction, that doesn’t necessarily mean the riverboat doesn’t exist in real life.

While the show is based in the Lakes of the Ozarks, as it turns out, showrunners actually filmed it outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The wildly popular show used multiple counties in the Peach State, such as Stone Mountain, Georgia, where the real Missouri Belle Riverboat lives.

The story behind the Ozark’s real-life riverboats

Per reports from Pop Culture, the riverboat sits at a business called Atlanta Adventure Tours, where fans of the show can see the boat while walking by. But, there’s a catch. You can’t actually go inside the casino. “Ozark” producers shot the interior scenes elsewhere. The boat in Georgia has nothing to do with gambling other than the signs featured in the show.

In addition, the Missouri Belle isn’t the only riverboat “Ozark” fans can visit. The Big Muddy Riverboat, which the Byrdes buy during Season 3, is located at Joe’s Crab Shack in Savannah, Georgia.

You’re probably not alone if you ask yourself why the show was shot in Georgia instead of Missouri. Simply put, it’s all about tax benefits. Filming in Georgia gives producers a cost-effective tax break that makes the state a highly coveted location to shoot.

Speaking of the Missouri Belle, Reddit users couldn’t help but speculate about the name. In a post on Reddit that’s been upvoted over 400 times, online investigators were quick to point out something interesting. When sounding out the name of the riverboat casino, it sounds like the word “Miserable.”

After posting, fans were quick to draw a parallel between “Ozark” and another series that featured Bateman: “Arrested Development.”

“‘Arrested Development’s wordplay must follow Jason,” u/RedTexas23 wrote. In addition, fans of both shows have already noticed a few “Arrested Development” references in the crime drama. As a result, it’s caused fans to draw comparisons despite the shows being from two different worlds.