‘Ozark’ Fans Were Scratching Their Head at a ‘Forgotten’ Maya Miller Storyline

by Emily Morgan

“Ozark” directors may have shut the proverbial door on the Byrde family, but that hasn’t kept fans from asking questions and spotting plot holes.

The Netflix award-winning series came to an end after four dramatic seasons. Although the show has a cult-like following, fans couldn’t help but criticize the Jason Bateman-led series for mishandling one character’s storyline.

After the premiere aired, fans wasted no time expressing outrage at how the show wrote FBI Agent Maya Miller’s storyline. Viewers first met Miller Maya in season three as a forensic accountant tasked with finding incriminating evidence against Marty Byrde.

In Ozark’s first season, Marty uproots his family from Chicago to the Ozarks to launder money for a cartel. With his life— and his family’s— on the line, Byrde must clean $500 million in five years.

Of course, he runs into roadblocks. From locals to federal agencies, it seems as if Byrde can never catch a break. When he decides to open a riverboat casino to clean the cash faster, he added to his list of problems. Soon after, Special Agent Miller started nosing around and asking questions. The FBI tasked Maya with auditing the casino and its finances, much to Marty’s chagrin.

During Season four, Marty and his wife Wendy try to figure out an exit plan from their life of crime. Surprisingly, Maya offers them a way out. Marty must serve 18 months in federal prison and then work for the FBI in forensic accounting.

‘Ozark’ fan criticizes show for character’s lack of storyline: ‘It all fell flat’

However, Marty’s boss, cartel leader Omar Navarro, also had a deal on the line for the Byrdes. He asks them to strike a deal with the FBI on his behalf. As a result, the agency agreed that Navarro would work with the FBI for five years.

Yet, Maya was chastised by the agency when she went rogue and arrested Navarro without approval. But then, in the second half of the final season, fans were left scratching their heads when Maya was left out of the last six episodes.

One online user and “Ozark” fan couldn’t help but come to her character’s defense. “I don’t like how her character was used, misused, and underused,” they wrote on a Reddit forum.

“In fact, that gamble she took on meeting with abs apprehending Navarro makes her look more like someone willing to endanger her unborn baby,” they fumed. “She went through all of these machinations and with the Byrdes and Navarro, and goes maverick against FBI plans, and somehow is puzzled that the Bureau gave her a put-you-in-a- corner position.”

They added: “Maya’s role devolved from being a potential catalyst to a waste of talent. We never get to know her true motivations or intentions. We never see her grow or transform.”

They concluded by writing, “There could have been a whole other level with her being involved, but it all fell flat.”