‘Ozark’: Here’s What Ryan Reynolds Thinks of the Hit Netlix Series

by Emily Morgan

There’s no doubt about it: “Ozark” is the king of capturing eyeballs. Just look at the ratings, and you’ll see the show is a big hit. Although it recently ended, it continues to dominate. In addition, viewers can’t stop raving about the show and Jason Bateman’s portrayal of protagonist Marty Byrde. Bateman plays the Byrde family patriarch who has to uproot his family and launder money for one of Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartels. 

In addition to fans at home, Bateman’s fellow actors in Hollywood are giving his performance high praise. For instance, Ryan Reynolds recently shared his thoughts on the Netflix show and Bateman. After watching an advance of the final episodes, he felt compelled to text his colleague and longtime friend. 

“You are so f—ing good at your job, it’s frightening,” Reynolds wrote. Although Bateman has previously been typecast for roles in comedies such as the HBO series “Arrested Development” and the Horrible Bosses, it hasn’t kept Bateman from breaking barriers and taking on parts some might find odd for him. 

“Even the moments I’m expecting a perfect Bateman comedy layup, you have the mental temerity to resist and stay with the character,” Reynolds continued. “It’s a master class, pal, and if I actually cared about acting enough, I’d apply so many of these principles that you’re laying down for me.”

While Reynolds is anything but shy when commending his friend, Bateman is the last person to brag about himself. But, as it turns out, the veteran actor’s decision to play Marty was merely pragmatic. As he recalls, since he and showrunner Chris Murphy were overseeing production, his role acted as a “timesaver.” 

“I wouldn’t have to direct that actor or get into his head,” says Bateman in an interview with The Washington Post. 

Ryan Reynolds claims Jason Bateman was ‘high as hell’ when he decided to become his friend

For Bateman and Reynolds, their camaraderie is years in the making. During Reynolds’ appearance on David Letterman’s show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” he briefly talked about his friendship with the Emmy-winning actor and director. 

When Reynolds came to Hollywood, he wasn’t the superstar he’s now evolved into. Surprisingly, he had a tough time making friends. However, he described that Bateman was one of the first to enter his corner. 

According to The Adam Project star, said that even though Bateman may claim that he was “high as hell” when he befriended Reynolds, he knows it was out of love, per Netflix Junkie

The pair have shared a rather exciting friendship over the past years. Beyond supporting one another, they’ve also shared the screen. The pair worked on the 2011 comedy film The Change-Up together. 

Now, fans will get to see them together yet again. It’s been confirmed that the two will star in an upcoming remake of Clue, DMarge reports. The film will be a remake of the 1985 comedy based on the board game of the same name that follows a group of strangers who have to figure out who among them is a killer.