‘Ozark’ Star Jason Bateman Describes Feelings Saying Goodbye to the Show

by Samantha Whidden

Following the premiere of the second half of “Ozark’s” fourth and final episode, Jason Bateman opens up about saying goodbye to the hit Netflix series. 

“It felt really good to finish something that we all worked so hard to try to do,” Jason Bateman said to Variety about the “Ozark” ending. “In a somewhat specific and precise way. I’d like to think everybody got pretty close to the ambitious target we were looking to hit with the show, but I also realize that it gets progressively harder to end on a high note the longer you stay. You’re bound to plank it eventually.”

When asked if “Ozark” was meant to be a binge-watching series, Jason Bateman answered not really. “There’s a lot of good shows on right now that are taking advantage of this long-form style. [Showrunner] Chris Mundy and his group did a great job of making each episode satisfying in a self-contained way, but also putting in the requisite — I hate the word cliff-hanger, but stuff to get you eager to see the next episode. There was always something that left you needing more.”

Jason Bateman went on to say that “Ozark” has something for everybody. However, at its core, the show is about a family. “Everybody’s got one of those. In our show, a bag of money and a gun are just the things that makes all those family dynamics more complicated, and that’s kind of a fun thing to watch.”

Jason Bateman Reveals If He Had A Plan For How He Wanted ‘Ozark’ to End 

Jason Bateman admitted there was no real plan of how he wanted “Ozark” to end. “It wasn’t mapped out at all. One of the advantages of doing something without a predetermined ending is you can react to the actors and the characters and the audience and see what storylines and what characters are getting attention and which ones aren’t working. Then you adjust accordingly.”

Jason Bateman also recalled meeting with Mundy about the “Ozark” ending. “We kicked around a bunch of different endings. Laura [Linney] chimed in with one, as well. Ultimately, we wanted Chris to make the decision and he was really excited about coming up with a happy ending, but adding some sort of smudge on it.”

In regards to him returning as the “Ozark” character if a reboot or film comes out, Jason Bateman confirmed, “Any job or work environment that was positive, and where you loved the people you were working with and you loved the product you were creating, you’d love to return to it.”

Bateman went on to add that it was hard to maintain something that is really “pleasurable” all the time. “And we had that with ‘Ozark’. So I’d do it again in a second, because what we had just doesn’t happen often.”