‘Ozark’: Jason Bateman and Julia Garner Reveal What They Will Miss Most About Their Characters

by Alex Falls

Watching one of your favorite TV shows reach its final episode is a bittersweet moment. A wide-ranging story filled with excitement needs a solid conclusion, but we hate to it end at the same time. Ozark’s recent finale is still ringing in the hearts of viewers. Fans are clamoring to find out more about what they saw as well as what could be ahead.

Jason Bateman and Julia Garner were part of an Ozark panel presented at FYSEE by Netflix to help promote the series for Emmy consideration. The two costars spoke to Extra to reflect on the acclaimed series coming to an end and what the experiences meant to them.

The experience both Bateman and Garner had filming Ozark clearly left and major impression on them. When asked what she will miss most about playing Ruth, Garner reflected on the family she built behind the scenes rather than the character she portrayed.

“Everything. I can’t even describe that question,” Garner said. “Just her as a person – it’s just so much fun and layered. But I think the thing I’ll miss the most is shooting this project with everyone. We were just saying, we have an Ozark standard that’s just so unrealistic because this job was so incredible.”

Bateman fielded the same question about finishing his time as Marty. His thoughts went directly to the experience of living vicariously through the audience and witnessing the story from their perspective.

“Being able to be the calm in the storm and watching all of the incredible acting around him, and the stories around him he always kind of has to react to. I always like being that proxy for the audience. That person through which the audience kind of experiences all of the nonsense. I like playing those characters and Marty was a great version of that, I think.”

With Ozark Behind Them, What’s Next for Bateman and Garner?

Bateman has his eyes on the future after putting the role of Marty seemingly behind him. His next project has him teaming up with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

The famous duo is producing a film about Sonny Vaccaro (Damon), a former marketing executive for Nike who pursues NBA legend Michael Jordan for a lucrative marketing campaign. Bateman will star in the film alongside Affleck and Damon. The cast also includes Viola Davis, Chris Tucker, and Marlon Wayans. The project with stream exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Bateman will star in the project as Rob Strasser, Vaccaro’s boss who was instrumental in Nike’s efforts to sign and promote Jordan to sportswear fame.

Garner on the other hand won the role of Madonna in an upcoming biopic that will highlight the famed singer’s rise to fame. She won the role after a grueling audition process, but there’s no doubt this film will dramatically increase Garner’s already white-hot stock in Hollywood. Ozark may be over, but the future is bright for the show’s stars.