‘Ozark’ Star Jason Bateman Says He Loves Directing More Than Acting

by Megan Molseed

Jason Bateman plays multiple roles on the hit Netflix series Ozark. Of course, the longtime actor stars on-camera in the streaming series as the Byrde family patriarch Marty Byrde. However, he has also played important roles behind the camera as well. Serving as executive producer, and director, for nine Ozark episodes. And, the former Arrested Development star says, he’s loving the director role even more than acting these days.

“I still love acting,” Jason Bateman tells Variety in a recent interview.

“But I think I may love directing even more,” the Ozark star adds. Bateman notes that his decades working as an actor have helped develop his love for directing. Being a director, Bateman notes, means taking part in developing a new production from every angle. Not just through certain aspects like an actor does.

“A lot of that has to do with everything that I’ve been able to absorb as an actor over 40-some years,” the star explains.

“You watch what everybody is doing on the set to create what the audience is enjoying,” Bateman continues.

“The actor is just a part of that,” he notes. “But a director gets to play with every department including the acting side.” And, Bateman adds, he’s enjoying a more “360-degree view.”

Jason Bateman Still Finds Acting Enjoyable; However, Directing Is Where It’s At For Him These Days

During his discussion with Variety, Jason Bateman says his roots still remain in acting. However, he’s finding a lot of enjoyment in his directing projects.

“Acting is still enjoyable,” Jason Bateman says shortly after the final season of his popular streaming series Ozark hit Netflix.

“But I’m a bit of a hedonist and right now directing is where I’m getting the most pleasure,” the actor explains. However, Bateman says, the place where he is the happiest is when he can be both an actor and a director for a project.

“Nothing is more exciting than directing and acting,” Bateman relates; adding that this is what made working on Ozark the ideal project for him.

“So that was really fun on Ozark,” he says. However, stepping specifically into a director’s role is likely his next step now that Ozark has come to a close.

“This next thing I’m going to do is probably just directing,” Bateman says. “I don’t think I’ll play a part in it.”

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