‘Ozark’ Star Julia Garner Delivers Ruth’s Iconic Lines as Anna Delvey and Anna’s as Ruth on Jimmy Kimmel: WATCH

by Emily Morgan

Julia Garner is the master of impressions. Recently, the “Ozark” star proved that when she appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

If you’re an “Ozark” fan, you know Garner plays the sassy yet sharp-as-a-tack Ruth Langmore. Although Garner was born and raised in New York, her accent in the show makes her sound like she never left the rural Missouri Ozarks.

During her appearance on the late-night show on Monday with guest host Dana Carvey, Garner split her two Emmy-nominated roles from “Ozark” and “Inventing Anna” together. She read lines from one in her accent from the other before switching it up.

The clip will surely change your mind if you aren’t already a fan of her acting. It also proved she’s rightfully earned her recent Emmy nominations. The young actress has snagged two Emmy nominations for her performance in “Ozark.”

Even if you’ve only seen parts of “Ozark” or “Inventing Anna,” you’ll quickly realize that Garner is a standalone actor from her generation.

Now, the 28-year-old is getting her well-deserved recognition. She received nods in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category for her work in the Netflix crime drama. At the same time, her role as Anna Delvey in “Inventing Anna” scored her a nomination in the Outstanding Actress in a Limited Series, Movie or Anthology category.

“What can I say, but ‘wow, wow, wow’,” Garner wrote on Instagram after the exciting news broke.

Julia Garner receives recognition for outstanding work in ‘Ozark,’ ‘Inventing Anna’

Regarding the other six nominations the critically-acclaimed crime show received, Garner continued: “I’m giddy with excitement knowing the “Ozark” family will be reuniting one more time at the Emmy’s in September… To Jason Bateman, [Laura Linney], Chris Mundy and the entire cast and our incredible ATL crew, I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU for your unwavering support through the years.”

She also opened up that she was switching between playing Anna and Ruth simultaneously. Ultimately, she would snatch noms for her work in both Netflix shows.

“I was filming “Inventing Anna” in between “Ozark,” going back and forth between the two,” she said. “‘Ruth’ and ‘Anna’ couldn’t be more polar opposite—it wasn’t easy to slip in and out of those characters. What was most rewarding about the process was the collective energy and creative force of everyone involved in bringing “Inventing Anna” to the screen.”

As for accents, Garner revealed in an interview that playing Delvey required her to nail down a challenging European accent.

She described sitting down with the real-life Delvey, who was initially skeptical before hearing Garner imitate her accent to perfection.

“It was very intimidating, but when I just repeated what she was saying, she thought it was so funny,” Garner said.

“I told Anna that it was my goal for people to see her as a person instead of a caricature. They don’t have to agree with what she did, but they should be open and willing to understand why she did it. People make mistakes, and Anna is a person.”

It’s undeniable that Garner is having her superstar moment. In June, she was cast to play Madonna in an upcoming biopic about the iconic star.