‘Ozark’ Star Julia Garner’s Newest Project Revealed

by Craig Garrett

Ozark’s break-out star Julia Garner has landed her next big role, and it’s a project she developed herself. Garner has been busy since her acclaimed Netflix series wrapped. Variety reports that the actor signed a development deal with Tomorrow Studios earlier this year. They discovered the first project as a result of this deal. Their first series will be a crime thriller entitled “Balabusta,” about an international jewelry heist.

Marty Adelstein of Tomorrow Studios had high praise for Garner. “She’s very engaged and involved in every step of the way,” Adelstein said. “That’s probably one of the best deals we’ve ever made. We’re really happy to be in business with her.”

Julia Garner is a star on the rise. This week, Garner earned two Emmy nods in the lead actress in a limited series (for “Inventing Anna”) and supporting actress in a drama (for “Ozark”). She’s already won two Emmys, taking home the supporting drama actress prize in both 2019 and 2020 for her role in “Ozark.” Garner was also offered the role of Madonna in an upcoming biopic for Universal.

Tomorrow Studios is working on a number of projects in various stages of completion, including “Balabusta.” To develop a television adaptation of Jonathan Frazen’s novel “Freedom,” Tomorrow has teamed up with Scott Free Productions. “Freedom,” which was published in 2010 and ranked one of the New York Times’ ten best books of the year, will be turned into a TV series by writer and playwright Melanie Marnich. The story follows a couple in St. Paul, Minnesota, who begin as idealistic parents but begin to doubt everything as the American culture around them begins to fall apart. “The book is fantastic and there’s just nothing better than getting a piece of material from a writer like Melanie Marnich,” Clements says.

Leaving Ozark was difficult for Julia Garner

Despite all of her upcoming projects, Julia Garner had a hard time letting go of Ozark. “I could shoot Ozark for the rest of my life, selfishly,” she told EW. Her co-star Laura Linney agreed. “The experience got better and better. That does not happen very often. I mean, it’s so rare that anything comes together as well as this did in the first place,” said. “I think it’s changed us all for the better.”

Linney reflected on letting go of the series. “I’m still saying goodbye to people. I’m still picking up the phone and saying, ‘How are you doing?’ I hope I never fully say goodbye to it,” she said. “I hope I’m always connected to these people in a way so that I don’t feel like it ever dies within me. I don’t think it ever will.”

Julia Garner agreed. “I feel like Ozark changed all of our lives for different reasons. So when you have a life-changing experience, you’re always going to be connected to those people.”