‘Ozark’s Julia Garner Posts Behind Scenes Pics, Sends Message to Fans Following Show’s End

by Megan Molseed

The final episodes of the hit Netflix crime-drama series Ozark dropped at the end of April, finalizing the hit series on the streaming platform. However, the show’s stars are still remembering the impact the crime drama has had on their careers. Such as Julia Garner’s touching message she shared on Instagram over Memorial Day weekend.

In the post, the Ozark star shares some behind-the-scenes pics from the hit series, thanking fans for tuning in to catch Ozark’s epic series finale.

“Thank you everyone for watching the finale season of @ozark,” Julia Garner writes in her Monday afternoon Instagram post.

The touching post includes a series of pics from the actress’s time filming the hit series. Including candids with costars including Jason Bateman. As well as moments with members of the Ozark behind-the-scenes crew.

“This was such a special time in my life,” Julia Garner adds in her heartwarming message. “I love you all so much.” The actress then finishes her message with a heart emoji and #grateful.

Ozark’s Final Season Pulls in an Incredible Number of Viewers

Included in Julia Garner’s Instagram post is a photo of an article noting the popular Netflix series pulled in 2.6 billion minutes of streaming time within the first three days after the second half of Ozark’s final season dropped in April. According to reports, the Netflix series broke past some big numbers within Netflix’s Top-10 streaming original programs.

Ozark fans racked up this impressive number of views across the show’s 44 episodes. The week the final episodes of the series hit the streaming platform marks the show’s 18th billion-minute week since reported since streaming content viewership has been tracked by Nielsen.

Ozark’s Julia Garner Says Her Character Told Her About Her Impending On-Screen Death

Ozark fans were no doubt shocked by the death of Julia Garner’s Ruth Langmore series in the series finale. However, the actress herself says she knew it was going to happen. This news, she says, was shared with her by the character herself.

During an interview with Time Magazine, Julia Garner details how she believes her Ozark character, Ruth Langmore told her about the upcoming death. The character, Garner says, told her she was “afraid to die.”

“She told me she was afraid to die,” Garner relates in the discussion.

“Which was very weird,” the actress adds. “Because Ruth is never afraid to die. Ruth thinks she can handle anything.” Garner goes on to note that when she asked Ozark showrunner Chris Mundy about the death, he was shocked that the actress had predicted the shocking end.

 “He’s like, ‘How did you know?’” Garner remembers. “Honestly, I told him, ‘I didn’t know. But Ruth knew that she wasn’t going to be an old lady.’”