‘Ozark’ Star Laura Linney Speaks Out After Receiving Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

by Taylor Cunningham

After three Oscar nods and four Primetime Emmy wins, Ozark star Laura Linney finally earned her own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

The 58-year-old Netflix actress accepted the honor during a ceremony on Monday, July 26th. And now that the major accomplishment is setting in, she’s reflecting on the fact that her name is immortalized alongside the most iconic in Tinsel Town’s history.

“It sort of hits you in so many different ways,” she told Fox News Digital. “There is the emotional thrill of it to realize that you’re a part of this history amongst people you have idolized your whole life, that your name is there, that it’s gonna be there for a while, that my son and my family can come see it. It’s very, very exciting.”

During her acceptance speech, Linney praised the arts, saying that “they make everyone and everything better.” And she also noted that they have an invaluable place in the community.

“To have my name held and protected by a star on this famous stretch of sidewalk is beyond my wildest dreams,” Laura Linney said.

Laura Linney’s ‘Ozark’ Comes to a Close After Four Seasons

Laura Linney’s feat came just as her most recent project, Ozark, comes to a close. Netflix streamed the final installment earlier this year. And the episode came with much fanfare.

In all, the series brought in three Emmys. It’s also listed by IMDB as one of the top-rated TV series of all time. For Linney, her role as Wendy Byrde earned her three Emmy nominations for Best Actress and gave her years of memories that she’s still feeling sentimental about.

“I was very lucky, I just landed in one of the greatest situations of all time,” the actress continued while talking to Fox. “I mean Ozark was just a joy from beginning to end. Chris Mundy our show runner and all of our actors, and Jason Bateman, it was really just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was very lucky to be there.”

In the crime drama, the Byrds move to the Ozarks after Wendy’s husband, Marty, lands himself in trouble with the drug cartel. Once there, Marty gets himself back into the business. But this time, Wendy joins the operations. And the seasons show the couple as they struggle to keep their family and marriage together.

“Everything about it worked. All the right people were in the right positions,” Laura Linney told Vulture, noting that she’s “having real withdrawal” from the series. “Everyone had a similar viewpoint. Everyone had a similar work ethic.”