‘Ozark’: The Real Reason Why Ruth Killed Javi in the Show’s Explosive Final Season

by Emily Morgan

Even though “Ozark” came to a dramatic end, we’re still learning more details about the popular Netflix series.

The fourth and final season of “Ozark recently came to a jaw-dropping conclusion in April. Despite this, fans still want to know the reasons behind some of the character’s actions. For instance, we understand why Ruth Langmore, played by Julia Garner, sought revenge for the death of her beloved cousin. Chris Murphy, “Ozark” showrunner, recently revealed why Ruth killed Javi early in the series.

As viewers saw, during the first part of season four, Ruth was bound and determined to kill Javi Elizonndro, played by Alfonso Herrara, after she learned he murdered her cousin, Wyatt Langmore, played by Charlie Tahan.

In Season 3, Javi killed Wyatt and his wife, Darlene, just a few hours after their wedding. When Ruth finds their bodies, she sets out on a warpath to avenge her cousin’s death. The season’s finale ended with Ruth blind with rage, ready to kill whoever was responsible.

When she discovers it was Javi, she speeds off to Chicago, knowing he had business with the Byrdes.

With only a photo of Javi, she began to second guess her choice to drive up there. However, when she sees the Byrdes having dinner, she crashes their meal and demands the couple and their business partner Clare Shaw (Katrina Lenk) go to the office.

There, Ruth demands that they call Javi to the office. When he arrives, Ruth wastes no time in gunning him down. After the dramatic episode, fans pondered why Javi’s death happened early in the season.

‘Ozark’ showrunner explains the reason behind show’s dramatic scene

“We tried in general in our storytelling to not drag things out,” explained Murphy when asked about the decision. “It’s been more important to us to have something happen and then go after the emotional fallout of it.”

He continued: “If she didn’t do it, it would’ve been about not making the choice, waiting on the choice or thinking about the choice.”

He added: “We tend to usually plant a stake in the ground, then go in that direction and hopefully it ends up being surprising a little bit.

“We wanted it to be like of course she’s going to kill Javi and then you’re surprised that she killed Javi. She killed Javi and bad things happened but you’re still sad and surprised that bad things happened, so it was trying to stay true to the show,” he concluded.

Although she got her revenge, Ruth faced more tragedy when Javi’s mother, Camila, killed her to avenge her son’s death. When Clare told Javi’s mother, Camila, that Ruth was responsible for her son’s death, she found her and shot her.