‘Ozark’ Season 4: Fans Spot Plot Hole That Could’ve Been a Gamechanger for Omar Navarro

by Leanne Stahulak

While overall, “Ozark” Season 4 has received thunderous praise from fans and critics, some viewers have a bone to pick over Omar Navarro’s storyline.

If fans will remember, Omar made a deal with the FBI that he would feed them information from inside the drug cartel in exchange for freedom of movement between the US and Mexico. The Byrdes help negotiate this deal, everyone agrees on the terms, and things seem to return to normal. But FBI agent Maya Miller doesn’t feel satisfied with the outcome, so she rats Omar out to local law enforcement and has him arrested.

This majorly messes up everyone’s plans. Omar’s nephew and sister, Javi and Camila, can now take over his cartel. The Byrdes aren’t free to wash their hands of the cartel. And Omar’s in prison, not enjoying life as a free man in America. Plus, Maya’s bosses no longer have access to the weapons, money, and information Omar was going to smuggle to them.

So, Season 4 of “Ozark” took an abrupt turn with Maya’s betrayal. And now, some fans wonder why she didn’t pay more of a consequence for her actions. Really, the worst that happened to her was that her bosses shunned her and made her professional life miserable.

But she crossed Omar Navarro, and somehow, he never came after her? This didn’t sit right with one fan on Reddit.

‘Ozark’ Fans Wonder Why Omar Navarro Didn’t Order a Hit on Maya Miller From Prison

Despite being imprisoned, Omar Navarro still wielded a lot of power during “Ozark” Season 4. And yet, throughout his time in prison, he never tried to get revenge on Maya for selling him out. This bothered one Reddit user who started a discussion about Omar’s lack of action.

“Maya really should have been killed partway through the second half of season 4. On orders for Omar, after what happened with his arrest,” the original poster began.

“It’s somewhat bothersome that after years of bending over backward to serve the Cartel’s every need and whim, [the Byrdes] are still always one mistake away from dying,” the original poster continued. “Yet Maya openly f**** over Omar, costing him everything, smugly standing over him to read him his rights…and suffers no consequences.”

They added, “I know killing FBI agents is usually something avoided by the Cartel, but you’d think Omar would make an exception, in this case, considering she just stole EVERYTHING from him. It’s not like Omar had much to lose, seeing as he was already in jail. Plus I doubt there would be that much blowback on him, as the higher-ups of the FBI were just as pissed at Maya for what she did.”

The “Ozark” fan brings up several valid points. Especially given what we know about Omar’s past behavior. It would totally be within character for him to assassinate Maya from inside prison. And knowing how her bosses felt, they likely wouldn’t have stopped him.