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‘Ozark’ Season 4: Here’s Where You’ve Seen the Actress Who Plays Camila Before

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

There’s a lot to take in with the fourth and final season of the hit Jason Bateman-led Netflix series, Ozark. With so much going on in the dramatic series, Ozark has brought in multiple characters during its massively successful run on the streaming service. Among these is one surprising player, Veronica Falcón’s Camila.

Introduced in the final season of the popular series, fans weren’t quite expecting what Camila would be bringing to the table with her appearance. However, Camila fast becomes a core player in the show as Ozark comes to a close. And many were shocked to learn that the character turns out to be one of the biggest bads of the entire series.

Camila is portrayed by actress, dancer, and choreographer Veronica Falcón. The longtime performer was born and raised in Mexico. Consequently, Falcón began her career working on a variety of Spanish-language projects. In 2016, however, the actress made a major move in her career, pursuing English-language roles in the United States for the first time in her already successful career.

Falcón’s breakout role stateside comes as the 56-year-old actress landed a starring role in the TNT series Queen of the South. In this series, Falcón ironically portrays another Camila character; Camila Vargas for 39 episodes.

Veronica Falcón Finds A Successful Career In A Variety Of Special Series Events

In 2017, the Ozark actress landed a role in the popular HBO limited series anthology Room 104. She later found a major role in the second season of the popular Paramount + series, Why Women Kill.

Falcón also portrays Mama Donya in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In this role, Falcón portrays the mentor to one of the well-known villains. Additionally, the actress portrays the love interest of Perry Mason in the HBO series Perry Mason which stars Matthew Rhys. Falcón is set to revive her role when the series returns for a second season.

Falcón’s Camila Takes Over A Dangerous Role In Ozark

Initially, Veronica Falcón’s Camila seemed to be a bit player in the popular Netflix series Ozark. Portraying the mother of Javi, Camila is naturally devastated by her son’s violent death. However, rather than mourning the loss like many viewers expected the loving mother to do, Camila set out for revenge.

Camila’s goal is to make sure anyone responsible for her son’s death pays for her loss. Even after she receives news that convinces her that her own brother was behind the murder. Eventually, her thirst for revenge leads Camila to become the newest leader of the cartel. And, she is directly responsible for one of the show’s most shocking deaths during its four season run.