‘Ozark’ Star Lands Major New Role in Apple TV Series

by Megan Molseed

One former star of the wildly popular Netflix series Ozark is headed to another streaming platform, taking a role in the upcoming Apple TV + series, The Big Cigar. Joining the all-star lineup already set to star in the series is Marc Menchaca. TV fans know Menchaca well as Russ Langmore, the uncle of Julia Garner’s Ozark character, Ruth Langmore.

So far the new Apple TV+ series has also secured Don Cheadle; André Holland; Alessandro Nivola, and Tiffany Boone. The upcoming streaming series is based on an article by Argo producer and writer Joshuah Bearman. The Big Cigar sees Andre Holland as he portrays Black Panther leader, Huey P. Newton.

Apple TV’s Big Cigar Tells The Wild True Story Of The Lengths Newton Went To Evade Capture By The FBI

The series tells the story of Newton’s escape to Cuba in order to evade FBI capture in the States. Newton’s quest for his escape is a tale almost too wild to be true. In the series, Newton enlists the help of his buddy Bert Schneider who is portrayed by Alessandro Nivola. Nivola’s Schneider is one of Hollywood’s most well-known producers known for creating some bigtime classics. He is the mind behind some fan-favorite productions such as the 1969 Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda film, Easy Rider.

Marc Menchaca portrays FBI agent Sydney Clark in this upcoming series. Menchaca’s Agent Clark is a no-nonsense Vietnam veteran who found his calling first as a lawyer and later as an undercover detective. An Oklahoma native, Menchaca’s Agent Clark transforms himself into a hippie while undercover. Hoping to capture Newton as the FBI intends to arrest him for the murder of a teen sex worker.

Former Ozark Star Marc Menchaca Became A Series Regular In Varying Seasons Of the Hit Netflix Series

Marc Menchaca first appears in the popular Jason Bateman-led dark drama series Ozark early in the show’s run. We first meet his character, Russ Langmore when he meets his two sons and niece, Julia Garner’s Ruth Langmore, in a public bathroom after they rip off the money Bateman’s Marty Byrde intends to launder. This scene is a pivotal one for the entire series as it sets up the long-standing feud between the Byrdes and the Lamgmores that drives much of the show’s dramatically dark storyline.

Menchaca’s Russ Langmore was a regularly occurring character, appearing in varying seasons during the show’s successful four-season run. He was regularly featured on Ozark’s first, second, and fourth seasons. However, he did not appear in the show’s third season.

Menchaca also appears in another Jason Bateman production, the supernatural HBO series The Outsider. He also has roles in the upcoming third season of the Amazon Prime Video series Jack Ryan as well as the upcoming HBO miniseries detailing the events behind the Watergate scandal, The White House Plumbers.