‘Ozark’ Star Laura Linney Talks ‘Withdrawal’ From the Show

by Megan Molseed

The wildly popular Netflix series, Ozark turned into a surprise hit across the board. Silently hitting the popular streaming service in 2017, the Jason Bateman-led series became one of the most popular shows among TV viewers.

However, the fan-favorite series came to an end earlier this year after just four seasons; whether any of us were ready for it or not. Now, Laura Linney, one of the stars of Ozark speaks out about the wrap-up of the hit streaming series. Discussing the “withdrawals” she felt leaving the series as Linney adjusts to life beyond the popular show.

Ozark Star Laura Linney Discusses Working On The Hit Series; And How She Found It Hard To Say ‘Goodbye’ To The Entire Experience

Recently, Laura Linney who portrays Wendy Byrde the wife of Jason Bateman’s Marty Byrde in the series discusses how she is having withdrawals from the series since it came to an end. This, the actress says, is because of how well things came together during the show’s run…both on-screen and off.

“I’m having real withdrawal from Ozark,” Laura Linney says adding that she would have “absolutely” been up for shooting more episodes of the Netflix hit.

“Everything about it worked,” the longtime actress says of the show during a recent conversation with Vulture.

“All the right people were in the right positions,” Linney relates.

“Everyone had a similar viewpoint. Everyone had a similar work ethic,” she adds. The Ozark star adds that she even enjoys the location of the Ozark set, Atlanta, Georgia.

“I loved being in Atlanta,” the star relates.

“It was an unbelievable crew,” she adds, noting that the camaraderie among the Ozark cast and crews is unforgettable.

“Crews on television normally do not stay intact,” Linney explains.

“Ninety percent of our crew stayed the entire time,” the star continues.

“What that does on a set, the safety that you feel, the unspoken communication, the ease, the comfort, and the fun that you have,” says Linney. “I feel like I just landed in a pot of honey. I miss it a lot.”

Jason Bateman Reflects On His Ozark Character, Marty Byrde

During a recent panel discussion, Jason Bateman the actor who portrays Laura Linney’s on-screen husband, Marty Byrde discusses the character that he had grown to know so well during the show’s four-season run. And, Bateman says, one of the favorite parts about portraying Marty was the fact that the character served as a sort of “proxy” for the audience.

“Being able to be the calm in the storm and watching all of the incredible acting around him,” Bateman says of Marty Byrde. Bateman adds that Marty is always reacting to the “stories around him,” just as the audience is.

“I always like being that proxy for the audience,” the actor explains.

That person through which the audience kind of experiences all of the nonsense,” Bateman adds. “I like playing those characters and Marty was a great version of that, I think.”