‘Ozark’ Stars Jason Bateman, Julia Garner Explains Why the Finale Was Totally ‘Satisfying’

by Megan Molseed

Netflix has had some pretty big streaming moments this year. And, among these moments is the finale season of the Jason Bateman-led series, Ozark. As the final episode dropped in late April, droves of series fans flocked to their TVs to catch a glimpse of the ending they had been waiting so long to see.

And now, even three months later, fans can’t stop thinking about the finale. In fact, even the series leads can’t stop thinking about how the final season came to a close, with Jason Bateman noting that while the finale was intense, it “doesn’t smack you in the face.” And, the series stars note, there was something very satisfying about how it all came to an end.

Jason Bateman and Julia Garner Discuss Why The Ozark Finale Was So ‘Satisfying’

From the moment we meet her, Julia Garner’s Ozark character Ruth Langmore is clearly a force to be reckoned with. While they battle it out in the early seasons, Ruth and Jason Bateman’s Marty Byrde eventually formed an incredibly close bond.

As Marty gets deeper and deeper into the cartel business, Ruth’s loyalty continues to grow. Ultimately, Ruth practically becomes a member of the Byrde family. She and Marty certainly form a close father-daughter-like bond. So it shocked fans when Ruth meets her tragic end in the series finale. However, both Bateman and Garner believe that, despite its shocking nature, the show’s final moments were quite “satisfying.”

“the ending has a very satisfying resolution.” Jason Bateman says.

“It doesn’t smack you in the face,” the actor adds. “But it’s satisfying on a bunch of different levels.”

And, Garner agrees with this, noting that she “could selfishly go on shooting Ozark for the rest of her life”, however, staying with the Byrdes right up until those final moments was just enough. Keeping her with her unofficial family up until her character met found her untimely end.

Julia Garner Gives Fans A Quick Behind The Scenes Glimpse Of The Set

Recently, Julia Garner shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a day of shooting the hit Netflix series Ozark. This candid footage features the show’s star and director Jason Bateman as he works through an upcoming scene with some of the crew.

Garner also reveals an off-screen stunt by co-star Charlie Tahan as he stands on one of the Ozark trailer homes.