‘Ozark’ Wasn’t Filmed in Missouri: Here’s Where the Netflix Series Production Actually Takes Place

by Leanne Stahulak

While “Ozark” might be the name of the hit Netflix series, production actually did not take place in the Missouri highlands.

According to PopCulture, the show primarily depicts our main characters in states such as Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. But most of the time, production for “Ozark” actually took place in Georgia.

Earlier this year, Decider detailed how Georiga has become a “second Hollywood” or the “Hollywood of the South” in the last decade or so. In 2018, the state offered an insane tax incentive to motivate filmmakers and showrunners to shoot in Georgia. The outlet reports that the southern state offered a 20% tax incentive for productions that cost more than $500,000 to make. Plus, studios could earn an extra 10% if they added the Georgia peach logo to their credits.

So, between the tax incentive and natural beauty of the state, executive producer, director, and star Jason Bateman decided to shoot primarily in Georgia. Per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Netflix series was filmed in the cities of Lawrenceville, Duluth, Canton, Peachtree, and Norcross. They also used the natural areas around Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona, which really gave the show the feeling of being in the Missouri Ozarks.

“It provided the rural aesthetic as well as the lake environment,” Bateman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution back in 2017. “The only real inconsistency to the Ozarks is the lake levels in Georgia fluctuate throughout the year. The lakes of the Ozarks don’t do that. The edges of the lakes here are more exposed. We thought for a while if we should fix it digitally later but decided it wasn’t that big a deal.”  

There is One Other Location Where ‘Ozark’ Production Took Place

Aside from Georgia, “Ozark” production also took place in one other location: Chicago. If fans think back to Season 1, the Byrdes spent a fair bit of time in the city where they used to live.

According to Decider, the show was specifically filmed around State and Lake Streets in the city. And later, in Season 4, we saw a Portillo’s cameo that was likely filmed in or around the Chicago suburbs.

But other than that the “Ozark” cast and crew spent a good deal of time in Georgia. But star Laura Linney had no problem with that, considering she has family in the area and knows it well.

“My whole family is from southern Georgia,” she said. “I’ve been to Atlanta a little bit, not a whole lot. I certainly have spent time on Lake Lanier in the past. The lakes are gorgeous, just beautiful. I felt very much at home.”