Real-Life Military Spouses Voice Major Criticisms of Hit Netflix Film

by Samantha Whidden

Following the release of Netflix’s “Purple Hearts,” real-life military spouses have been voicing their criticisms of the new hit film. 

Netflix’s “Purple Hearts,” which is based on the book by Tess Wakefield, follows the story of struggling singer-songwriter Cassie and troubled marine Luke as they agree to marry solely for military benefits. However, the line between real and pretend begins to blue when tragedy strikes. The film stars Sofia Carson as Cassie Salazar and Nicholas Galitzine as Luke.

Although “Purple Hearts” has received positive ratings, military spouses are speaking about the Netflix film’s message. Emma Tighe, an army spouse in Kansas, shares her thoughts in a Facebook post. “The military spouse world is in a tizzy over the new Netflix movie, ‘Purple Hearts,’ a movie where a girl and a Marine get married to get her healthcare and to get him out of barracks and they end up in love. AKA a normal Tuesday on any military spouse Facebook group.”

Tighe used the film’s post featuring the main characters embracing before a departure for her next thought. “Anyone who is a military spouse knows that the only acceptable way to send your husband off to war is in a messy bun, PJs, puffy eyes, and a bad attitude because it’s the third time you’ve dropped him off after the unit forget to schedule a bus or plane or something is missing or someone is missing or just because they said so. It is now 3 a.m., you’ve said goodbye 8 times, and it becomes a tuck and roll situation as you dust off the Taco Bell wrappers y’all chowed down in the parking lot. Accuracy matters y’all.”

Military Spouse Explains Her Thoughts About Netflix’s ‘Purple Hearts’ Criticism

Tighe spoke to the “Today Show” about her thoughts on Netflix’s new military-themed romance. “I have a really hard time with military movies,” she explained. “They either hit too close to home or they’re so far from away from it that it’s hard to watch.”

Tighe did note that “Purple Hearts” was actually a good film to her. However, she did feel that the Netflix movie didn’t hit that close to home. “The actors were wonderful, but the dialogue was not the best.”

Tighe also said that she feels the Netflix movie doesn’t embody the military experience. “But to be fair, that’s not what the story is about. It’s good for what it is, a chick flick, but I won’t be recommending it.”

The military spouse also wasn’t surprised by the response her Facebook post received. “What connects military spouses is the ‘We’ll laugh about this somebody’ moments. We all have them and they often sound very similar. It doesn’t matter what branch, rank, or location. There’s something really special and unifying of the military spouse experience, and it’s really fun to try to tap into.”