‘That ’70s’ Show’ Fans Want Eric to Answer This Question in Netflix’s ‘That ’90s Show’

by Shelby Scott

Ahead of the release of Netflix’s upcoming “That ’70s Show” reboot, “That ’90s Show,” original fans want a lot of questions answered. They’re also looking to see a lot of plotholes solved. However, in particular, fans of the original comedic series want one question answered by leading character Eric Forman. And that is, what are his thoughts regarding the second and third “Star Wars” movies?

As Looper reminds us, Eric Forman wears his love for “Star Wars” on his sleeve throughout the entire series. For the show’s length, Eric remained “That ’70s Show’s” central character. He consistently influenced the direction of the plotline through his nerdy, though socially accepted, demeanor. And while “Star Wars” is hardly a pivotal topic within the fictional world, it plays a major part in his character.

That said, the time period in which “That ’70s Show” is set would technically only enable Topher Grace’s character to see the very first “Star Wars” film. However, the outlet states the Eric Forman actor is genuinely a “Star Wars” fan in real life. So there’s no doubt he has lots to add to the conversation regarding the second and third “Star Wars” films.

Hopefully, then, interested fans will get some sort of answer when Netflix eventually premieres the show’s reboot, “That ’90s Show.”

As per the outlet, “Star Wars” first debuted in 1977. So it makes sense Eric would have been able to catch that particular film. However, “The Empire Strikes Back” wasn’t released until 1980, with “Return of the Jedi” premiering in 1983.

‘That ’70s Show’ Fans Hope Netflix Spinoff Will Answer Original Show’s Mysteries

“That ’70s Show” fans are in for a major treat when “That ’90s Show” premieres on Netflix, because not only are we getting a reboot of the series. We will also be able to welcome back the majority of the comedic series’ original cast. That said, many fans are hoping some of the show’s biggest mysteries and questions will be answered with the cast’s return.

One of the biggest mysteries “That ’70s Show” left fans with following the series’ conclusion was the mystery of missing sisters. At one time, both Eric Forman and his on-again/off-again girlfriend Donna Pinciotti each had sisters. However, for one reason or another, in the middle of the show, they kind of just vanished without explanation.

Another major mystery surrounds “NCIS” star Wilmer Valderrama’s character, Fez. A foreign exchange student from an unspecified country, showrunners only ever gave fans half-answers. Now, with the character returning to “That ’90s Show,” fans are hoping they’ll learn a) what Fez’s full name is and b) what country he comes from.

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