‘That ’70s Show’ Star Topher Grace Points Out Uncanny Resemblance to ‘Stranger Things’ Character

by Craig Garrett

The last episodes of Stranger Things season 4 dropped on Netflix, and Topher Grace is getting in on the nostalgic fun. A fan of That 70s Show couldn’t help but notice that a popular Stranger Things character resembled Topher’s. He agreed and took to his Twitter to share the image in question.

The image is a side-by-side comparison between Topher Grace and breakout Strangers Things character, Eddie Munson. “I think this is what they were going for,” Grace writes alongside the image. Although each show takes place in different decades, the hairstyle each character has is eerily similar. Obviously, Munson’s hair is an imitation of a 1986 headbanger, while Grace’s new do was imitating 70’s era Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Of course, Eric, Topher Grace’s character on That 70’s Show, doesn’t normally sport the look he has in the above photo. The image is grabbed from a season 3 episode titled “Eric’s Drunken Tattoo’. In that episode, Eric reads the diary of his love interest and becomes concerned that he’s not cool enough for her. After a few rounds of sake, Eric decides to give his look an overhaul. This leads to the Steven Tyler look and a poorly placed tattoo.

So what was actually the major influence of the look of the Stranger Things Character?

Meanwhile, another of Topher’s fans points out that Eddie Munson likely has a more direct influence on his look. The Twitter user replied to Grace with an image of rock god Eddie Van Halen circa the 1980s, sporting the exact same hairstyle. Not only does It, not just the first name that Van Halen has in common with Munson, either. A key scene of Stranger Things involves Eddie Munson showing off some serious guitar-playing chops.

In a recent interview with Vulture, Eddie Munson actor Joseph Quinn elaborated on the look of his character. “It was pretty hard playing second fiddle to a wig for two and a half years, Quinn said. “But it was great fun putting something on that drastically changed the way I felt.” The Stranger Things actor goes on to confirm the chief influence on his character’s look. “It was modeled on all of those seminal ’80s heavy-metal bands — Eddie Van Halen was a big one and all the guys in Iron Maiden and Mötley Crüe,” he said.

Eddie Munson has quickly become a fan favorite of the latest season of Stranger Things. The character is a nonconformist, heavy metal-loving outsider. He’s also the leader of a Dungeons and Dragons group called the Hellfire Club. Munson is usually seen wearing a shirt with the club logo on it, and replicas have become a must-have item by fans.

Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix.