‘The Munsters’: Did Rob Zombie Reveal the Villain of His Reboot?

by Caitlin Berard

Back in 2021, horror legend Rob Zombie announced an interesting project. He was helming a film reboot of the classic TV series The Munsters. Details of the remake remained few and far between, but opinions surrounding the film were already split.

What would a Rob Zombie remake look like? Would it be as dark and gory as his other films? His entire catalog consists of R-rated movies, would The Munsters be turned into something far removed from the original, family-friendly show?

Some couldn’t wait to see what sort of horror-fueled spin Rob Zombie would put on the film while others declared a darker take on the beloved characters would corrupt the spirit of the original production.

As details slowly began to emerge, both camps were shocked to learn that the film wouldn’t be rated R at all. Instead, it carried a harmless PG rating. Then came the first full-length trailer, which revealed the newest Rob Zombie creation to be a…rom-com?

Far from Zombie’s gruesome productions of the past, the light-hearted preview promised “the greatest love story ever told,” which is, of course, the story of Herman and Lily Munster.

Will Zombo Be the Villain in the ‘Munsters’ Reboot?

Those hoping for an even spookier twist on the Munster family were devastated by the reveal of the romantic storyline of the prequel. All isn’t lost, however, as a recent development could suggest the film also includes an iconic antagonist.

Following the trailer’s premiere, Rob Zombie released two songs from the film’s soundtrack, both of which are about Zombo. Now, who is Zombo?

Zombo is a television personality from the original series. But not just any television personality. Of course not. It’s The Munsters. Rather than a show about current events or celebrity gossip, Zombo hosts a horror show – and immediately enthralls young Eddie Munster.

Now, is Zombo a villain in the original series? No. He’s simply Eddie Munster’s off-kilter hero. That said, the nature of the Zombo songs featured in the Munsters EP could suggest a fresh take on the character.

The second track, entitled “The House of Zombo” is actually more of a soundscape than a song. It’s eerie and rather menacing in tone, conjuring thoughts of a terrifying villain rather than a well-intentioned horror enthusiast.

The events of the Zombo episode of The Munsters could support this theory as well. In the episode, Herman Munster is extremely jealous of Zombo because his son is more interested in the TV host than him.

As Zombo is a confirmed character in the prequel, Zombie could expand in this feud. Perhaps we’ll learn that Zombo and Herman used to be friends. Or, better yet, that Herman and Zombo once competed for Lily’s love.

This is just a theory, though. We won’t know Zombo’s true purpose in the prequel until its release in September.