‘The Munsters’ Fans Slam Rob Zombie Reboot

by Samantha Whidden

With Rob Zombie’s “The Munsters” set to premiere on Netflix next month, fans of the original series seem to remain cautious about the reboot. 

While discussing “The Munsters” trailer last month, one fan admitted on Reddit that they are pretty skeptical of the upcoming movie. “I’ll preface this by saying I’m a huge ‘Munsters’ fan since watching the show as a child in the 80s. I really want that movie to be good and I’m glad it’s being made by a fan of the show. I have no previous knowledge of Rob Zombie so no bias for or against him. Having watched the trailer a couple of times now, I’m kind of disappointed.”

The fan went on to declare that they believe the acting in “The Munsters” trailer feels terrible. “I get that Rob probably gave his wife the gig because she’s his wife, but she can’t act. Likewise, Herman isn’t great either.”

However, the fan goes on to say that the key issue among “The Munsters” cast is that the actors are trying to emulate the original actors. “Instead of trying to act like the character, Jeff Daniel Phillips is trying to act like Fred Gwynn instead of trying to act like Herman Munster,” they explained. “And Sheri Moon Zombie is trying to act like Yvonne De Carlo instead of trying to act like Lily Munster.”

“The Munsters” admirer continues their review of the trailer by writing that if the cast is going to recreate the acting of the original actors, they are going to fail miserably. “Because the quirks and mannerisms that we all loved them for and that came so naturally to them, will look like poorly executed facsimiles and ultimately take away from the film.”

Fans of Both Rob Zombie and ‘The Munsters’ Sound Off About the Upcoming Film 

Along with the original reviewer, other Rob Zombie and “The Munsters” fans had a few choice words to say about the upcoming flick. 

“I am a Zombie fan,” one person shared. “I was a casual ‘Munsters’ fan. There was something about the trailer that feels like it is going to be terrible and the OP clarified why. It is because they are trying to imitate the original actors.”

However, others have a different opinion about the trailer and what they are expecting from the movie. “They’re really not at all. I get why people may not care for Sheri’s acting,” the fan wrote. “But at least she changed her voice and has done pretty well with the dramatic hands Lily always had. Dan and Jeff are great at making two iconic characters their own so I’m shocked people dislike them.”

“The Munsters” follows a family of monsters who move from Transylvania to an American Suburb. Starring in the film is Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, and Cassandra Peterson.