‘The Munsters’: How Rob Zombie’s Reboot Differs From Classic TV Series

by Caitlin Berard

Early 2021, horror legend Rob Zombie announced that he would be creating a film reboot of the classic TV series The Munsters. He gave very little information about the film initially, but as the months progressed, more and more details emerged.

It’s now been more than a year since the film’s announcement, and the reboot is inching closer to its September premiere on Netflix. As such, we have a fairly clear picture of what to expect from the reboot, including the many ways it differs from the beloved series.

Though Rob Zombie is a huge fan of the classic series and aimed to bring the spirit of the show to his movie reboot, he also put plenty of original spins on the production. First and foremost, the film will be in color rather than the black and white of the 1960s sitcom.

According to Zombie, this decision was made because he felt a black and white reboot would be immediately rejected. But it’s The Munsters – it still needs a spooky twist. So, to inject the film with a bit of unearthly charm, the director went with “hyper-real” colors.

“I noticed when the actors were in their makeup and they were just walking around, getting lunch or whatever, they looked like cartoon characters come to life,” Zombie explained to Entertainment Weekly. “They were just so insanely colorful. I was like, I have to light the movie in the same fashion. It really seemed at all times like a live-action cartoon, which was really exciting.”

Along with the ethereal coloration, the Munster family home, 1313 Mockingbird Lane, will be far more detailed than it was in the original series, thanks to the roomy budget given to the prop department.

‘The Munsters’ Reboot Will Feature New Characters (And Leave Out Old Ones)

The second most noticeable shift in the coming Munsters reboot is also its most disappointing. Unlike the original series, the reboot will feature only three members of the Munster family rather than the full five. The children, Eddie and Marilyn, will not appear in the film.

The reboot serves as a prequel to the series, taking viewers along for the early Lily and Herman’s relationship. With that in mind, Eddie and Marilyn will not have been born yet.

That said, Rob Zombie’s cast is far from incomplete. The director dreamed up several new characters for his Munsters reboot. In addition, he’s giving a few pre-existing characters larger roles.

Igor, Grandpa Munster’s pet bat, for example, will be human in the reboot, which will likely result in a more prominent role. Lily’s Uncle Gilbert and wolfman Lester Dracula will be more heavily featured as well. Both of these characters only appeared in one episode of the original series but were included in the film.

Last but not least are the new additions to the cast, of which there are many. First, we have Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, “Transylvania’s most popular Mad Scientist”. Then there’s Floop, Dr. Wolfgang’s hunchback assistant and best friend to Herman Munster.

There’s also a real estate agent played by horror icon Elvira. And finally, Zoya Krupp, an interesting-looking character whose backstory and personality have yet to be revealed.